Guerlain Rouge G de Guerlain Jewel Lipstick Compact in Ginger 43

Last colour from my lipstick sampler card is Ginger, a coppery bronze. My least favourite for sure:


The texture though – divine!!! Its like YSL’s Rouge Volupte but lighter. Gorgeous. I am going to go down to the counter shortly and pick up a few of these…hoping they aren’t too expensive!

What do you think of Ginger?

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  1. says

    They are £26 each, but when you consider they cost the same as the Tom Ford lipsticks in the US, that looks like a pretty good deal in the UK.

    I’m not a fan of those warm brown shades either, but the texture is gorgeous. I have a couple of the red shades, love them.

    • Row says

      Hi Grace

      Do they cost that much in the US? Well its about time we got a good deal here in the UK don’t you think ? 😀

  2. Naz says

    I just managed to grab a couple of limited edition ones of these, No.11 Grace (your name LondonMU Girl! ^^^) and No.12 Gems. Both look really really pretty but I’m so strapped for cash right now, I’m tempted to sell them.

    However, being the make up fiend that I am, I’m sure they’ll end up in my own collection!

    The cases are stunning btw, very very glam.

  3. Julia says

    I’ve got Georgia, a bright, light pink. I agree that the texture is nicer than rouge volupte but can’t justify owning more than one. It’s a crime that the packaging on these is not refillable. I contacted Guerlain about this and they said the compact was a luxury touch, which was priced as such and still indtended to be disposable. What’s ‘luxurious’ about binning a jewellery standard compact when the lipstick’s gone?

    • Row says

      Hi Julia

      I got really confused on the guerlain counter and went for no. 1 in the full size lipstick! I agree – Ihaven’t sure the lipstick yet BUT the packaging is so ridiculously OTT and glam. How can this not be refillable?! Its stupid, its too expensive and too glam to throw away. I feel that way a bout YSL too! I recently bought a lipstick from Elegance (Japanese brand) for quite a lot of money, that IS refillable!