Guerlain Loose Kohl in 00 Glow


Know how I became obsessed with Guerlain Kohls? I discovered, *shock horror* there was a shade I didn’t own and this was completely different to the other smokey metallics I own!

Glow 00, is described as a whitish peach, great for highlighting. It is supposed to be a limited edition, brought back for one year, 2008.

I do love the kohls, but I have noticed some bits under my eyes as the day goes on. Still, I love the fact you can blink hard, and the powder is transfered to the top eyelid too.

As for Glow – its a nice addition but not THAT nice. Rather than being an apricot, it is more of a creamy white. It is less unique in that sense, and its not as shimmery as I would like, its quite a mattish white.

The colour is nice dotted in the inner corner of the eye. But its now wow – wow – wow – wow (as Kylie would say).

If you are new to these, check out the dark colours first, because they provide the impact. Glow is a – I can live without it shade.

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  1. ' * : . b | u 3 . : * ' says

    Hi Row,

    Is it possible for you to post a closeup eye pic to show the effect of the darker coloured kohls? I want to try them but am afraid it’ll only work for dramatic nighttime looks.

    Also, these have shimmer right? Do they irritate your eye when you apply using the eastern method? I wear contacts so i’m always afraid of that. Thanks! :)

  2. Row says

    Hey Blu,

    I’ll do some for you this coming week. If you get the metallics you can definately wear in the day.

    The shimmer is lovely. However, with the eastern method, you definately get powder in the eye. It isnt very irritating but it can feel a bit sandy at first. To be 100 per cent honest, I don’t know I would recommend it to a contact lens wearer, because you almost definately will get some powder in your eye? Can you go to a counter and test one out?

  3. Anonymous says

    I’ve had wonderful success trying at once the eastern method, thanks to a wonderful YouTuber. The stay on the waterline lasts me over 10 hours. I am able to wear Oriental Metal to work (a taupey-deep silver); however, I can’t wear Noir to work! It’s incredibly intense, exotic, and makes your eyes look smokey and dramatic! I prefer using the stylus that comes with the little vials. It’s quick and very, very effective!

    It’s a “10” in my book!