Green Lipgloss? Christian Dior Wildest Green Lipgloss & MAC Spring Bean

You know green is my favourite colour…but green lipgloss?! Has the world gone mad?!

I have been obsessed with the idea of green lipgloss for sometime, but I am aware that it has to be the right shade of green, with micro shimmers, not something matte or opaque – urgh.

I’ve had my eye on MAC’s Spring Bean Lustreglass for a while, which is a sheer green – it even has 4.2 on Makeupalley – however, you know what me and MAC sales assistants are like….we don’t click.

So there I was googling green lipglosses to see what would come up – I wanted a good quality gloss ya know, not something made for halloween or for 13 year olds.

Enter Dior Plastic Gloss in 304, Wildest Green.


A leafy green…




We have to think about the science of this (from someone who was crap at science) – green is a neutralizing shade…so technically, it should neutralize lip redness and leave with a nude, caramel shade?


As you can see with flash, the hints of green are apparent. Even so, its a beautiful, unusual nude shade.


The overall effect is the slightly hint of green with lots of nude goodness – with an extra layer, my lips turned a nude caramel and plumped up.


This wildest green I think is a Limited Edition but they are around on eBay where I bought mine for £14.00. This gloss is more pigmented and richer textured than MAC’s Spring Bean which is pictured here:


which is a sparklier, sheerer look – still pretty of course.

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  1. sue says

    Oh wow, I didn’t know they make green lipglosses now. I like the nude shine it gives. I’ve been trying to look for the blue lipgloss by CG but they don’t seem to carry that color in Canada. I haven’t come across one yet…

    • Row says

      Hey Sure

      Are you trying to find a blue or green gloss? Estee Lauder, Lancome, MAC…quite a few of the big brands do bluey toned sheer glosses if you want them. :) Blue is supposed to make your teeth look really white! But you gotta try green!

  2. Elizabeth says

    I had lancomes juicy tube in menthe which was a turqoisey green and was so so pretty, made my lips look a lovely pink with all the pretty greeny shimmer so am loving this.

    • Row says

      Hey Elizabeth

      I have this too (the juicy tube) don’t ask me where I put it tho. The dior is a more extreme version, the spring bean is more like the menthe, sheerer but still pretty :)

  3. Mable says

    Cool! I didn’t know they made green lipglosses! I guess I’m still pretty old school when it comes to lipglosses. I have the Dior ultra reflect in Rose Jersey (157). The green looks surprisingly good on the lips though–not weird at all. I’ve never been much of a lip product person but how do you deal with the stickiness? The wind blows, like you I have long hair, and a bunch of hair gets stuck to my lips. Not very glam. Haha.

    • Row says

      Hey Mable

      Good point. It musn’t be very windy cos it hasn’t happened to me for a while. I behind the ears, or I just leave it stuck on my lips and pretend its the newest trend….you just ain’t heard of it yet. MAC lipglass is the WORST stickets gloss ever.

  4. says

    Oh my…I’ve finally found a blogger who like green glosses…

    I don’t like pink or milky glosses that much so I usually go for the clear ones, but clear was so boring…so I head for green (my favorite color for 8 years) it’s just a very fresh way to balance off the red inn my lips and make it look lighter and peachier…

    I only have four so far

    1) Lancome kiwi slice, it’s a transparent green (neither blue or yellow based) with very very sparse shimmer, it’s very yummy and looks very juicy…

    2) DiorKiss in Granny Smith -golden green, huge glitters
    3)MAC tendertone in Shush… green with silver shimmer
    4) Bonne Bell Roller Ball one , same color as lancome,more of a lip oil/water…

    I also know that Hard Candy, Elizabeth Arden, Makeup Forever have green glosses as well, but the color aren’t all that pretty…I also try to stay away from MAC lipglass because glassy gloss makes me lips look like inflated balloons…

    Anyway…green glosses totally rock!

    • Row says

      Hey Citrine!

      Cool you like green!!!!!! It’s true – not all green glosses are made equal. The two I have currently are just lovely I am loving the dior especially – I have the MAC tendertone that’s nice. You should try to locate the dior wildest green its SO unique :)