Gothtastic: YSL Gloss Pur Black

You know you are about to buy something, and all the time you’re thinking, no, don’t buy this, its a really bad idea. But you buy it anyway? That’s how I felt when I shelled out £17.32 (or some other ridiculous figure – our VAT/TAX rate has been cut from 17.5% to 15% and most retailers have been forwarding the discount to shoppers but clearly haven’t had time to make it a nice round figure) for YSL’s Gloss in BLACK.

Says YSL:

From plum to ebony, it dresses lips in an infinite range of shades, depending on how it is applied – feather light or rich and bold. Transparent yet intense, it plays on the depths of black and the pure shine of a sparkle-free formula.

Ok, sparkle free means they ain’t playing. This is a real black.

The gloss has a scent, and is fairly opaque for a gloss.

If you apply it thick enough it will look black. If you have dry lips this will look awful – it really creeps into the lines in your lips so I had to spend a while trying to get a half even look. The result was quite plummy as opposed to black:

The boyf couldn’t hide his disgust although he pretended to, as he did a double take.

“Do you like it?” says me
“Its a bit – er – dark”

No sh*t batman – it’s BLACK for crying out loud.

If you are a goth this is perfect (I’m not being sarcastic – little vampires in training, this is for you, although I am guessing 99p Stargazer black lipsticks are more rebellious).

This could work I think – over other colours. I had a Chanel white/black lip cream that was used to lighten and darken colours, so why not? It follows the same principle. It’s so serious without some shimmer in it though….I’d have liked a drop of metallic in it so it doesn’t just look like I’ve just been drinking coal tar shampoo.

You like?

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  1. Medina says

    Hi Rowena!

    Wow! You’re brave! I bought a Lancome black gloss+red lippy set, even though I’m a little scared of the man in the ad :-O! Their black gloss is low on pigment and very sparkly, it’s surprisingly wearable, I’ve been obsessively layering it over everything over the past couple of weeks. It looks strangely good over Nars Roman Holiday pencil and even better over Schiap. Soooo expensive, I don’t think I’ll be buying a back up. Bobbi Brown’s Black Pearl gloss is quite good too, I think if you’re careful you can get away with wearing it on its own. I think I’ll be giving YSL gloss a miss though, it’s a bit too much. You need to look dead serious when wearing black based glosses though, so do read some Daily Mail beforehand. :-)

  2. says

    Methinks the ‘Goffs’ will be right pleased about this.

    The brand Lipstick Queen offers something similar (albeit in lipstick and potted-gloss form) called “Black Tie Optional”. The color had put me off at first, but now I’d be more willing to give it a try.

  3. Medina says

    Lipstic Queen is well “Goff” have you seen the lady behind it? She’s like uber goth, the original proto-Goth type, mid to late 30s, you often see them wear dark purple dresses from Monsoon, you know what i mean?

  4. Row says

    Hey Medina!

    I spotted the Lancome Duo a while ago! But I rarely buy Lancome, but it sure sounds nice! I think this YSL gloss is WAYYY to serious. It’s hard to wear. Yes you can layer it over things but it’s still serious – quite vampy I’m not sure you’d need to wear it more than twice a year. Some metallic and glitter in it would make it far more fun to wear andit would make more sense.

    I have Roman Holiday Pencil! Its one of my fac things to use as a base with a gloss on top!

  5. Row says

    Hey Pandy

    You know I keep meaning to explore more of Lipstick queen but its pricey. I don’t mind keeping the YSL gloss but I can’t imagine using it all that much….even for halloween.

  6. says

    Expensive? How much does a tube of LQ lipstick fetch across the pond, and where is it carried? It costs only $18 a pop stateside, which (while not cheap) isn’t extortionate compared to some other brands. I can imagine (in the interest of creating purchase-power-parity) they likely jack up the price for rip-off Britain.

    Maybe you could still use the YSL Gloss over brighter lippies, to tone them down/darken them?

  7. Person says

    I love it! If you’re not going to use it, could you send it to me? Please?
    I’ll pay for postage… And use it.. For my own vampy look!