Got Knots in your Hair? The Liese Smooth Hair Cocktail Review

Knots, they are the bane of my life.

For some reason, I have an area around the nape of my neck which is always getting knotted – I mean real clusters of hair that are super hard to run a brush through (I can’t live without an Ouchless brush, and before you ask – I tried the Tangle Teaser years ago and didn’t like it!).

Anyway – knots.  When I saw this product from Liese, a popular Japanese hair care brand, I had to buy it.

Liese Smooth Hair Cocktail is a spray which eases knots (but it’s not a conditioner!). It’s a detangler…thinking about it I am sure there are already detanglers out there, but stuff for babies.  This product is to be used on dry or semi dry hair, and you can brush your hair until all the knots have gone.  You need about 10 pumps for medium to long hair.

Liese Hair Treatment Smooth

This product smells nice – sort of…floral/fruity?!  Anyway this product has a lot going for it…

One of the reasons that I avoid leave in products even though I have dry hair, is because I find most too ‘silicone-y’ and make me look like I’ve tried to deep fry my hair. This 2 phase product is nice and light and leaves no residue (although it’s not that hydrating either).

I used this all over and concentrated on my knottiest bits and it did work rather well. There was much less pain involved – it isn’t a substitute for anything else though (ie. a hydrating treatment or a de-frizzer) but for smoothing through knots, it’s great.

I do think that after a while, the knots came back – so whilst it’s good for brushing and initial styling, the next day the knots were back.


Still – I don’t expect a miracle! I am happy with this product because it encourages me to brush when all I want to do is scrape it back with an elastic band.

I wonder if I can use it on the cats?!

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  1. Jen says

    Knots too are the bane of my life…especially at the nape of my neck, I’m forever using my fingers during the day to try and detangle! I’ve tried the L’Oreal kids pear-scented detangler in the past (used to love that stuff!) which worked quite well, but obviously I’m kinda past the age for smelling like children’s detangler lol Would your cats allow you to use this on them??