GOSH! Aren’t you lovely!

On my bargain hunt in the awful store that is Superdrug (a drugstore in the UK has terrible service and make up stands full of germinated testers) I took a second look at GOSH, a danish cosmetics company, that had a 3 for 2 offer.

I have tried random items from their range before – my friend worked for them – and thought the eyeshadow was meh – the lip range was meh – the mascara was awful etc. etc.

If there is one standout from the range it is their Waterproof eyeliners. I picked up 12 of them:

I love coloured eye pencils but I have a hard time applying to my watery eyes. They either don’t show up or run like crazy!

I am madly in love with Urban Decay’s 24/7 pencils – they are the bomb!

But I think I like these GOSH pencils just as much. I wanted lots of greens and blues for the summer, and their selection did not disappoint. I cannot tell you how many shades they actually have because their offical site and Superdrug’s do not list anywhere near, the whole list of what the make. This is tres annoying – you have the colour range, why not show it off!

The ones I got:

These pencils are pigmented and they DO last. I put Lemon Soda below my waterline (they don’t translate so well on the actual waterline), and it lasted all with no problems (and my eyes water away).

The are very easy to use and soft. I had no allergies to this or any irritation.

Each pencil is £5 which is not bad. 3 for £10 is even better! These are definately the star of the GOSH range – the only thing is, their displays are always a mess and you will have a hard time not finding your pencil in pristine condition. Its that kind of shop, where girls will rampage through all the items, never mind the tester, squidge it down and put it back for some poor unsuspecting victim to buy.

It took me three visits to various Superdrugs just to find the colors I wanted that weren’t crushed down or heavily tested. Tut tut – all they needed to do was add a seal.

This aside, if you have access to this brand, try it out! The variety of shades is unbeatable! cj

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  1. MandyPandy says

    Which shades would you say are your favorites? I like Lemon Soda, Green Devil and Blue Lagoon, myself.