Gorgeous Palettes! VOV Castle Dew Color Show Eyes Pearl Effect Eyeshadow Quad Swatches

I buy eyeshadows far too often and recently purchased these VOV Castledew Multi Type Quads in Platina Luxury and Platina Novle (I know – who thinks of these names? Hire me Asian brands! I’ll think of some really stupid names for you!).

I have a few VOV palettes but nothing to write home about. I thought these two combinations were rather nice – deep, smoky, shimmery…


The packaging is lovely, reminds me of Jill Stuart but I paid $16.99 each for these so the price is far lower than the extortionate prices for JS.

Fingerprint marks are not too bad on these believe it or not!!!


These palettes are just GORGEOUS. Oh my. I get so much make up I am indifferent…quite a lot…but these quads stood out a mile to me. Lovely combinations, shades, textures, packaging. There’s three powders and one gel liner inside…Platina Novle – is brown/taupe set. I LOVE THIS. See the second shade in? The most beautiful silvery brown foiled shade.

Even the gel liner – which can be lame in these kinds of palettes, is pigmented and cream.


I love the glitter that is suspended in the palette! you get a double ended applicator with this palette.

The texture is beautiful too – soft and easy to blend, the powders are pigmented so you can get some really nice smoky eyes out of it.



The skin of my hand was still weird when I took this picture (from sun exposure) yeuch!

Platina Luxury is a blue/silver toned palette – still gorgeous but the weaker of the two. Less pigmented, not as soft. Still lovely though…


As much as I normally love blues and greens I am slowly moving away from these kind of combinations and moving to warm tones for my eyes like pinks and browns.

Once again the gel liner/base is excellent:




VOV Castledew have quite a few palettes to choose from – remember this is the Multi Use one and as far as I know, there are only these 2 shades to choose from so far? If I see any more I will buy them for sure – gorgeous, really lovely palettes which I think will work for a variety of skintones.

I bought this from an eBay seller: Zinopark (excellent seller).

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  1. Jen says

    Oh my…these palettes are absolutely gorgeous! I’ve been wanting to try these VOV palettes ever since seeing someone else haul them on another blog! They are like a poor-man’s Jill Stuart lol I shall be heading over to ebay to check them out pronto!