Gorgeous Nude Lipstick Alert! Mii Moisturising Lip Lover Lipstick in Hush

Some people just love their nude lip shades and I am one of those highly dedicated to beige.

But times change – I no longer frequently wear deathly nudes that fade into my skintone…no…if one is  to do nude it must have some pigment, it must be flattering and juicy.

I have been looking for a Sofia Vergara (from Modern Family!) nude for a while.  She rocks browny nudes to well.

Then I get this beautiful lipstick from Mii Cosmetics – the Moisturising Lip Lover Lipstick in Hush.

Mii Moisturising Lip Lover Lipstick in Hush 2

An example of Sofia’s make up:

Sopfa vergara make up Google Search

Hush is a brownish-rose nude. It is warm and I can see why some people would hate this lip colour but on my skintone which is warm olive – it works like a dream.  

I love looking at nude lipsticks in the barrel…to me it is just biteable!

Mii Moisturising Lip Lover Lipstick in Hush 1

Mii say “our ultra moisturising lipstick’s active ingredients help soften and improve the condition of your lips with every wear. The weightless formula glides on lightly to deliver a long-lasting sheen.”

The formula is delicious.  I try a fair few lipsticks and this one made me go ‘ooh’.  It is not so creamy that it melts or goes everywhere – it is not fragile in the barrel like some creamy lipsticks.  It’s super soft though and glides on feeling almost like an application of lipbalm (chapstick type!) and as it settles, I felt it being even more moisturising and I daresay, plumping.

Swatch – at this point I wondered if it would be too warm:

Mii Moisturising Lip Lover Lipstick in Hush 3

I found it the perfect nude for me at the moment (with coppery eyes!).  

I found the formula to last ok on the lips – 2 hours before reapplication (although that’s with a cup of coffee). 

On the lips:Mii Moisturising Lip Lover Lipstick in Hush 4

Another view – it makes the lips quite glossy:

Mii Moisturising Lip Lover Lipstick in Hush 5


LOVE this lipstick, the colour and formula. The full range is here for £14.95 each – there are some nice looking colours so I may get others!

*PR Sample

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  1. Jan says

    These nude lipsticks look really good. If they look as good on me as they do on you, then I will be a very happy girl :-)

  2. Ciarra says

    I love that color it would look so nice with my skintone.. I can never seem to find these things in stores lol

  3. Lara says

    I love nude lipsticks – perfect for my skin tone. The ones showcased in this post look amazing, wouldn’t mind adding them to my ever growing collection.