Goody Ouchless Smooth Brush & Separate and Straighten Iron Brush Review

I was sent a number of hair brushes from Goody to try months ago and they were all good quality brushes but two deserve a special mention. One is now the only hairbrush that I use every day, and I nearly cried when I thought I left it on the tram.

The brush of my affection is the Goody Ouchless Smooth Brush! This is the Handbag size (I don’t have the full size) and it lives permanently in my bag.


There’s nothing fancy about this brush – but it is indeed OUCHLESS. See I am a wimp when it comes to brushing my knotty hair. It is VERY knotty and brushing it as a kid used to hurt a lot so I have all these *flashbacks*.

This brush – don’t get me wrong, if caught on a big know will make you go ouch – is far more gentle than any other brush I own. I love it. Even with big knots I can hold the end closest to my scalp and pull it through a few times = tidied up, temporarily.


I didn’t realise how much I relied on it until I thought I lost it and had to use a normal brush. It hurt, and the tangle teezer does NOT work on my long, knotted, thick hair, and the Mason Pearson also lacks true unknotting abilities.

I love this brush, I think I’ll buy the full size one too because I am indulgent like that!

Next up is the iron brush:


This is so clever! I tend to grab clumps of my hair then run my Cloud Nines through them. With this comb it makes it really easy to pull it through and get a super neat finish.

Just use this clip and pull – it gets your hair taut:


So there you go – I am very simple when it comes to brushes! I only have a few I use all the time. Brushes are like cutlery, you don’t need to replace it until it breaks or is stolen by a neighbour.

You can see the Goody range here.

What is your favourite hairbrush?

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