Good Lord! Excellent Customer Service!

Its not very often that I think somewhere has great, or even decent customer service. That’s because I always seem to shop where there are annoying, unhelpful, disinterested and damn right rude staff and where the companies have stupid policies.

But I do think I have found quite a gem. Now its not quite a make up or fashion company but do bear with me!

Lakeland Limited, I think has a bit of a naff reputation and not somewhere that a whippersnapper, such as myself should be cooing over.

They sell kitchen ware (not just boring things but interesting products that are quite helpful), craft supplies, home solutions, food, bits of gifts and all kinds of nick naks.

I love nick nacks. I would happily sit at home all day and watch the JML channel if you could. I love being offered a solution for something.

Anyway, since I need to reorganise my stash, I bought three more sets of my drawer dividers (which are BRILLIANT for cosmetic organisation.) Its quite big but you can take the dividers apart and just fit it to how you want it. Its been a real life saver for my filing drawer that I use for storage.

My drawer dividers:

At £5.99, its a great price too!

Alternative ones:

Anyway, I made an order and in true style, continued to bug their customer service team.

Has it been packed?

Has it been packed?

Has it been sent?

Has it been sent?

When will it arrive?

When will it arrive?

Every time, within a few hours, even if it was PM, I would get a response.

Not a computer generated response. A response that actually answered my question.

So all was good and the order arrived in four days.

Then I looked through the new catalogue and realised some storage bags I bought were 3 for 2, but I had missed it at the time of purchasing (I had bought two). Boo hoo. Well it is kind of my fault, but as Del Boy says, he who dares wins, so I emailed the CS, again, and asked about the offer, hint hint.

No problem, madam, they said, a free storage bag will be on its way to you.


Then I decided to exchange a lunch box type contraption I bought. Its fantastic, but just too big for my needs, so I emailed the CS (they must have my name on code red?) and asked if they could arrange an exchange for me so I could swap for a smaller version.

In a few hours, on a Saturday night I got the email –

Yes no problem. I have refunded the difference to you, and actually you can just keep the item and give it to charity if you wish, and we will send the new one to you anyway.


Am I impressed! Not only was their response prom opt and personalised, they were also generous and sorted everything out for me (like, I didn’t have to chase up my refund like usual).

If you are in the UK go and look at their website. They have a lot of household solutions and the customer service is fantastic. Are you reading this ASOS, you irresponsible vultures? You could learn a thing or too.

Wait, wait. The post wouldn’t be mine if I didn’t moan about something.

Remember I spend £32 on two Shu Uemura Unlimited Lipglosses?

It seemed like a great idea at the time. In the store light, they shone and glittered, teasing me, tempting me until I could take it no more.

Verdict? Naff.

Yes that’s right. There is finally a Shu Uemura items I don’t like – no, infact I really dislike it.

They are sheer. Really sheer. Sheer like cheapo lipglosses with only the hint of colour.

There are glittery particles but they aren’t very pretty. I mean, £16 is a premium price for a lipgloss. So how come it don’t shimmer like the Chanel Galaxy collection, or my favourite Lunasol glosses?

Maybe its because I’ve got some real stunners from Dior Rouge Addict, and from the Aube Limited Edition range (pics coming!). I mean some drop dead gorgeous glosses, shimmery, pigments, with real va-va-voom.

These Shu colours look like they are from the A B C of how to make lipgloss.

Where is the creativity? Where are my contrasting micro sparkles? Where is my plumping effect? Why so dull, man?

Pffft. Its a shame that the evil CS in the UK means you can’t return anything, ever, ever, ever. Otherwise these would be going back.

Lesson: Don’t be dazzled by those store lights!

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  1. dawn. says

    hey! recently stumbled across ur blog and i’m loving it!
    Am very amazed by the amount of makeup you possess and tried on!!!
    way coolllll… ^^
    I’m more into skincare ^^ so its good to read bout makeup [with sooo much details!]Got any blogs to recommend in regards to skincare?

    Are you living in UK atm? Well i’m heading over there at e end of the year. to study Regent’s European Business School? Have you heard of it? What do you reckon?

    WELL… KEEP WRITING!! Love ur blog!~

  2. Row says


    Thats really kind of you, thanks! :)

    Skincare. I don’t personally talk about skincare so much, but I find that other beauty bloggers tend to do more about skincare along with make up. I am going to do a link list on the blog maybe you will find it helpful?

    I am in the UK. Is the school in London? I haven’t heard of it no, but if its in London I am sure that you will have a lot of fun!

  3. dawn. says

    ^^ So which you school would you recommend if I want to do a business-sy kinda course?

    Yeah!! I’m planning to head off to london (:

  4. MandyPandy says

    Service in Britain that exceeds the US?!? THE END IS NIGH!!!

    Hold me, I’m scared!