Good enough for Air Hostesses! FITS Attention Please Cream Make Up Base Review

I have a new primer LOVE and it is this rather unusual little eBay find from Japanese brand FITS.

I don’t know much about them but I know they make various mascara/eyeliners /primers/ hair products and they have this range called Attention Please which was created with Air Hostesses (Cabin attendants) in mind because of the dry effects of flying all the time.

How cute is the packaging! It reminds me Flight Control on the iPhone – that game stressed me out so much.


This primer is moisturising and contains beeswax and shea butter, and NO mineral oil or silicone! Score!

I have been using this product every day since I got it and I really love it.

This primer is good for my sensitive and dry skin and it really kept my face from getting flaky during the day. It made my foundation last longer (although not ALL day, I still think a silicone primer does a better job at that but I don’t like having silicone on my face).

It can also be used on its own as a moisturiser. It doesn’t change your skintone at all so can be used on all skin colours:


This is a fairly rich textured primer although it doesn’t look greasy and sinks in quickly. As I said earlier it is perfect for my dry sensitive skin – if you have oilier skin you probably don’t need this kind of hydration.

Any bad points? Well you don’t get much (just 30g) and I like to slather it all over my face. It improves the overall appearance of your foundation but it doesn’t prolong wear to say, a full 12 hour day. Also it’s hard to find (I got mine from eBay, seller Alphabeauty).


This reminds me of the Laura Mercier hydrating primer but at a better price (it cost me about £8 with shipping).

Verdict: A must for delicate and dry skins!

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  1. says

    I’ve been looking into getting a new primer (for summer) & was looking at the Laura Mercier, so if this is somewhat similar I’ll be getting it instead!

    Great review! The packaging is fun, & Flight Control killed me off a long time ago xD

    • Row says

      Hi 25

      Yeah the most similar primer I can think of is the Laura Mercier (in the moisturizing texture). This is FAB I really like it.

      I can’t play flight control it seriously stresses me out!