Goldiggers, this is not how you do it

When you are trannylicious and older than your young, hot, rich, sucessful toyboy what you don’t do is announce to the world that you want to marry him and have his babies!

Scherzinger can’t wait for the couple to get married and start raising children in Hawaii – the state where she was born. She says, “I am the happiest I have ever been right now. We would love to have beautiful angel babies together.”

First of all babies are babies, not angel babies. Secondly, not many 23 year old men with everything at their feet are going to drop everything to settle down – he’s barely come out of puberty for god’s sake.

Important note Nicole! Keep your mouth shut and work on getting pregnant so then you won’t have to work for 18 years. And yes, she’s got some money but she ain’t rolling in it the way Lewis is (or will be!).

I personally think Guy Richie did goldigger quite well. For some reason men don’t get lynched quite the way women do if they walk away with a hefty chunk of money after loving a wrinkly for a while. Guy who ‘didn’t want anything’ walked away with something like 50m making it quite a worthwhile marriage after all.

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  1. kanita says

    Madonna really seems like the biggest biatch. I really wonder how she ever gets along with anyone, especially if the things her brother says are true

  2. says

    Apparently, Guy, unlike Madge, comes from old money, so he may not be the gold-digger we all suspect him to be. He is, however, a crap director and whose directing talent is on par with the Missus’ acting skills.

    My favorite gold-digger will always be Heather Mills. Long live Mucca!

  3. Row says

    Hey Pandy

    Mucca is old news and she only got £25 million for the decript old biddy! Probably because they had endless scandal on her or something – crazy. I like the subtle ones you don’t hear about as much the strippers that marry billionares and things. That really is gold digging 101.