Goldfinger…Dior Vernis Timeless Gold Nail Polish Swatches & Review

Dior’s Autumn/Winter 2010 nail offerings includes this gorgeous cool timed metallic gold; or should we say Timeless Gold.

Many will know I like nail polish but getting the slightest smudge annoys me – so I end up wiping it off and bare nailed after hours of trying to get things perfect. It’s a shame because there sure are some super pretty polishes out there:


Timeless Gold is the kind of shade that’s right up my street because it’s glam without being over the top,and these kind of pale shades aren’t quite as obvious when you make a mistake or get some cat hair stuck to it!


I’m no nail polish expert so I don’t know if there is a good (and cheap) dupe of this somewhere – it’s the only shade I personally have that has such a fine golden shimmer and I am rather fond of the wide brush – it made application really quick and easy but I’d imagine it takes getting used to:

I think I already had quite a nice even finish with one layer, but two made it much better:


Closer look:



Dior Nail Lacquer is £17 – expensive for a polish. Having said that the only time I would purchase a polish at that price is when it’s extremely unique or a limited edition – I think this is a lovely gold, nicer than the Chanel Or which I bought a year or two ago – so just a bit of a nail treat.

I don’t know why when it comes to Christmas time, I’m all about the gold and reds! What about you?

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  1. Asuka says

    OPI Glitzerland is an excellent gold. All OPIs have a wide brush. The best thing is the drying time: very quick – it takes approx 1 min. to completely dry. Plus, it’s a 3-free product. I don’ t think it’ s necessary to buy Chanel vernis when there’ s OPI. Essie is also good, but it has a narrow brush. And application isn’t as marvelous as OPI polishes.