Glowy, Dolly Cheeks! Melliesh Powder Blusher review and swatches!

One of my current brand crushes is Melliesh and I recently bought up four blushers from the range to try.

The blushers come in super cute (if not slightly bulky) packaging:


I bought 4 shades, 02 is supposed to be a peach pink – it’s more of a light pink. 04 is orange and it is indeed, a bright sunny hue. 05 is brown and is a contour shade and 06 is lilac, a pale highlighter.


The packaging is plastic and quite thick (see how the lid is raised? It makes the packaging a bit bulky and hard to carry round). Other than that they are quite cute despite being a bit plain.

Here are all the shade choices:#alttext#

In hindsight either of the other pinks would’ve been better for me as 02 is just too pale. 01 is a warmer rose pink and 03 is a bright dolly pink.

The range is quite limited in colours – it’s pinks, bright orange and your highlight and contour! But the range in general is quite small right now.

Shades close up – what is nice about these is how they are shimmer free – you’d think with them trying to do the whole ‘dolly’ look they might go overboard with shimmer but instead they leave quite a soft natural finish on the skin:


02 pink as I said is not my kind of pink, I prefer hot pinks or something with more peach in it.

04 Orange is quite bright but not quite in the league of Nars Taj Mahal. It’s far more wearble than that – but then you have to like orange to buy this shade:


Orange is more of a summer shade any how!

05 Brown is a matte bronzy shade, and it’s perfect for contouring:


I recking this would make a nice bronzer too.

06 Pale lavender is a highlighter. I always choose the strangest shade!


The pigmentation is good – good enough to show up but not enough for you to have a blush accident. The texture is also very smooth and soft.



And yet I am not blown away by these blushers. Something about them is a little flat – yes they’re no brainers and wearable to boot but unmemorable to say the least. I certainly wouldn’t buy more blushers from this range until they bring out lots of new exciting shades.


Cute but that’s it!

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  1. H says

    These colours look just like a couple of MAC ones I own! I think I’m going to pause/lessen considerably my MAC obsession in favour of full blown South East Asian buying.

    I suppose they’ll be same-y, but it’s more exciting to CP things & investigate. I love the orange anyway!