Glo & Ray – Eyeshadow and Longwear Mousse for Shadow Review!

I first heard of Glo & Ray from an Asian Vlogger, who used one of their pretty palettes in a make over tutorial – it was interesting enough for me to investigate the brand, and I’ve finally had a chance to try some of their products.

Glo & Ray is a British make up brand with an Asian designer, and there are a lot of tempting products in their collections.  

Glo Ray Eyeshadow and Longwear Mousse for Shadow Review
I have 3 products here to review – Eyeshadow Quad in Violet Emotion (400), Clematis (453) and Egyptian Ocean (456).

The first two products that caught my eye were the Longwear Mirage Mousse Eyeshadows.  

These come in 8 wearable colours – they really all did look quite pretty and cost £11 each.  I swear that the silvery grey colour Ecru Land (450) is a dead ringer for Chanel Illusion d’Ombre in Epitant.  

Here are the pots (plastic) that the colours come in.  

Clematis 453 and Egyptian Ocean 456

Clematis is a grey-taupe with a purple touch.  Neutral and quite wearable.  

Egyptian Ocean is a vibrant sea blue which applies more sheer than in the pot and requires some layering to build up the colour. 

I wouldn’t actually describe these as mousses, more of a light cream. They definitely don’t have the airy feel that say the Chanel has or other mousse eyeshadows. At the same time, they are very light weight to feel, with a lot of slip – the lack of density means that I don’t think they’d work well doubling as an eyeliner for example (where a lot of cream shades can be doubled up).  

On the plus side, this means that they are quite pleasant to work on the skin, it has a nice slip to it and you can spend some time blending.  The colour builds up nicely, it doesn’t feel heavy and doesn’t flake off if you over apply. It is smoother than the Maybelline 24 Eye Tattoos I have – they are thicker, and more pigmented but need warming up, these ones doesn’t seem to go hard because of the room temperature. 

A mixture of the colours – Ocean on the lid, and Cleamatis above. 

Glo Ray Eyeshadow and Longwear Mousse for Shadow Review 3

I experienced a bit of creasing later on.  A primer might sort this problem out. It is quite long lasting though to the point where I thought my lid was stained a little at the end of the day!

Glo Ray Eyeshadow and Longwear Mousse for Shadow Review 4

This Glo & Ray Mariposa eyeshadow quad in Violet Emotion (£12.50) has a super pretty purple which is the winner in the palette for me! 

The four colours in the palette are a icy white, that bright purple, deep purple and a silver. 

Clematis 453 and Egyptian Ocean 456 1

Overall I can’t say the palette is the most pigmented or softest eyeshadow I have tried – the powder leaves a sheer to medium wash on the skin, similar to Japanese eyeshadows.  In the end though, the finished look looks as I expected so the fact I didn’t find the colours extremely pigmented didn’t really hinder how I wanted my eyes to look.  £12.50 is quite reasonable for 4 colours in a set. 

In a rush make up look;

Glo Ray Eyeshadow and Longwear Mousse for Shadow Review 2


Glo Ray Eyeshadow and Longwear Mousse for Shadow Review 1

There are some other tempting looking products in their collection I have my eye on, the La Amo creamy lip colours (in a selection of brights and their Sky Breaker silky eyeliners, which are waterproof and come in a selection of finishes.  

Overall, Glo & Ray are in interesting brand definitely worth checking out – see the website here. 

*PR Samples

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