Glitter Tattoos done with a Home Kit!

I went for a Jinny Tattoo a few weeks ago, which the girls adored, so I bought a home glitter tattoo kit to play with from eBay (item here for £22 – free shipping and they sent it with EMS which is a bonus).

So, here are some pics of the tattoos I did on Megan (aged 9) and the older one. Megs chose a dragon:

glitter tattoo.jpg

That’s her belly….

You basically get 15 glitters, 2 brushes, 2 glues and quite a few stencils in the kit.

Here is my attempt – I used lots of different gliters and dabbed it on over the glue:

glitter tattoo-1.jpg

At this point there’s glitter everywhere and I’m thinking about how much glitter the cats are going to end up eating. I use the big fluffy brush to get the excess off after a few minutes and voila!:

glitter tattoo-2.jpg

Nice, nice! I have a career in this, I’m sure.

This is the one I did on the teen who is obsessed with the idea of getting a tattoo on her wrist (tasteful or tasteless? discuss):

glitter tattoo-3.jpg

Glue layed on a bit thick here – I would recommend a thin layer of glue otherwise it just peels off.

It was good fun making these – what do you think of glitter tattoos?

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  1. diskogal says

    I think you did a better job than the Jinny Rainbow pros, esp the dragon looks perfect :)
    I also think that glitter tattoos are a great idea for kids but I really don’t get the whole glitter body art for adults that is featured on the website… it just looks silly. Especially the large colorful ones!! And I can’t help it but whenever I think of fake tattoos, cheese puffs come to mind (they used to be a standard free gift in every pack of cheerios back in the day) 😀

    • Row says

      Hey MandyP

      Where you been, girl! I miss your comments! I am glad you like, and it is on your favourite mini mouse, Megan!

  2. says

    I’ve done these too….they’re fabulous…just wish they’d do some more grown up looking designs: want glitter but not dolphins or flowers…something like a celtic band in sparkles would be great.

    • Row says

      Hey BBB!

      I agree they need to be a bit more grown up (for me anyway) but the kids love it! I’d like something black, like a lace design…god that sounds WAG tastic!

  3. Lucy Dartford says

    Im pleased to announce the arrival of all things glittery and more ”adult-friendly”….celtic bands, crosses etc etc….plus some new designs for the kids….the new Bow/ Ribbon stencil Collection is very cute indeed!