Giveaways! Announcements and Stuff!

Right guys – I am just too tired tonight but there will be some giveaways running this week – once I decide on a cool prize that is, and one will be for my new Facebook page especially (go and add me!).

I warn you though I have no idea what I’m doing on Facebook I am just learning how to add people never mind how to actually add useful stuff!

Kitten in cup image .jpg

Mmm lots of posts coming up this week. Going to attempt to make my first proper video too (although with editing, god knows how long it will take).

Also going to tell you about some other sites I am working on and, hopefully get a blog sale prepared (I NEED to clear some space) and as well as sorting out the reviewers page and a new photo page.

Apart from that I am glad its a shorter working week. There has been a family crisis at home which we are hoping to get sorted, and to lighten the mood, going to Lightwater Valley at the weekend.

Are you up to anything fun?

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  1. says

    All sounds good Row. Oh while Im here, my son has given you a new name. He walked in the other day and said “What you doing on the comp” so I said “Just on blogs” so he said “Ohhh, why you not on Cosmic Candys then, you’re always on that one” hahaha Cosmic Candy, it made me chuckle!