Giveaway and Winner Announcement!

Its Monday! Save. Me.


Anyway – just so you know, there’s a new button above where you can vote for Cosmetic Candy’s blog posts at the Appletiser Awards. I’ve been told to draw your attention to it, so there you go, attention diverted!

You do have to register, but you get free apples. Possibly. Vote for us, we will send you much invisible kisses.

Here are the winners of the 5 day pre Christmas Giveaway.

Day 1: Ruby & Millie Metallics Kit


Day 2: No. 7 Hand and Footcare Set


Day 3: Clynol Hair Styling Set

Kelly Manton

Day 4: Green People Pure Body Gift Set


Day 5: Ruby & Millie Brush Set


Do send me your address via Email (use the contact form) or I will get in touch shortly. I won’t be able to send these goodies out until the end of the week/early next week so just be aware of that you won’t get it *right* away!

From Tuesday there will be a new five day giveaway, so remember to enter!

Also fingers crossed that I will get a little blog sale up for the end of the week. I am desperate for some space and I want to be in control of my stash!

Happy January!

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