Giveaway: Anastasia Brow Definer


I love Anastasia Brow!

I will be reviewing 3 of their newest products this week, but I have a fab giveaway for you this week. One person will be winning the duo brow definer – pencil on one end, gel on the other:


Read on!Dual ended Brow Pencil and Brow Gel work together to create perfectly shaped brows. Use the velvety Ultimate Brown Brow Pencil to precisely fill and define. Use the Clear Brow Gel to keep unruly brows in place all day without flaking.

Apply Brow Pencil using short strokes and a light touch to fill in the brow and extend where needed.

Withdraw wand of Brow Gel from tube and wipe excess product from around the base of the brush. Stroke gently upward and outward to achieve the most flattering shape

I used to carry the speed brow product with a pencil and highlighter but this is now my carry around item.

To enter add me on your twitter!

If you have already added me, please leave a comment telling me your favourite kind of cheese!

Winner will be announced the following Monday.

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  1. says

    Hey love!
    Thanks for another giveaway! You’re always so sweet! :)

    My favorite kind of cheese has gotta be mascarpone cheese cuz I JUST LOVEEEEEEE TIRAMISU!!! :)

    • Row says

      Hey Stephy

      I had mascapone in some chicken dish I had tonight, its lovely. I used to be able to eat it by the spoonful!

  2. Halifax says

    I’m not a big cheese person but like feta on my greek salad. I followed you on twitter

  3. says

    Oh yeah, I got twitter!!! Following you now! Woohoo!
    I love parmesan. The hard kind… that you can crumble. I like it when it’s in a hard block that you can crumble with your fingers. I used to like cheddar even more, but now that I’ve tasted authentic parmesan that doesn’t have sand in it… ooh.

  4. Catherine says

    I’m following you on Twitter now!!!
    Brie is the best! Yum especially spread on Ritz crackers.

    • Row says

      Hi Catherine!

      I used to have Brie with Bacon. Are you supposed to eat the shell bit with Brie? I’ve always wondered!

  5. Mable says

    I got twitter and am finally successfully “following” you! Hehe. My favourite cheese huh? It’s definitely gotta be buffalo milk mozzarella! Yummmm…

  6. Li says

    Blueberry cheese at cheese counters with rocket and thick brown bread and juicy tomatoes, bursting with flavour mmmmmmmnom