Girly Geek Gift Review: Etre Touchy Gloves for iPhone, iPod types

I am a girly-geek.


Not a ‘I work at IBM’ geek. (Read: Pure Bred Geek)

Not a ‘I really need to get home to meet Thor outside the cave of deception on Warcraft so we can discuss out tactics for next week’ geek. (Read: MMORPG Geek)

Not a ‘You know its Tiger Woods’s wife, not Tiger Woods’ wife” geek. (Read: Annoying Geek)

I’m more of a chic-geek. Geeky-ness is a wonderful thing but you got to keep the chic in there somehow.

With this in mind I present to you, Etre Touchy Gloves – somewhere between proper gloves and fingerless gloves, these free up your thumb and index finger so you can carry on contributing to your future arthritis:

etre gloves.jpg

100% Acrylic Gloves which come in four sizes (women’s, men’s, yoof’s and children’s….so they can pick their noses and eat it I guess.) It also comes in 4 nice combos, pink & grey, blue & grey, black & grey and a rather cute stripey chocolate with blue.

I got grey with pink:

etre touchy gloves.jpg

The idea behind this is mobility, isn’t it? The chance to keep our rather useless fingers warm but keep the important ones in action:

etre touchy.jpg

I must admit, when I got these I was excited by it. Fingerless gloves remind me of Worzel Gummidge and I always, always end up taking off normal gloves because I have busy fingers. I need to be able to touch things, feel things up….

etre gloves-1.jpg

Etre say:

They give you the warmth and dryness of a normal pair of gloves combined with the touch-screen/electronic device compatibility of fingerless gloves.

That’s because they are “part normal pair of gloves, part fingerless pair of gloves!” That is, they cover your middle, ring and little fingers completely, keeping your hands cosy, clean and damp-free; while exposing only the tips of your thumbs and index fingers, allowing you to touch, tap, stroke, slide and pinch your device’s display in any which way you choose!

etre touchy-1.jpg

There was a moment when I wondered if these gloves looked super stupid but I have decided as they look quite subtle in other areas (like colour) that they look fine. Just takes some getting used to:

etre touchy-2.jpg


1. Genuinely useful for people who are always on their phones etc.

2. Look pretty good

3. Are warm

4. Come in tons of sizes and designs


1. Could be softer

2. Your thumb will get a little cold (although that is the point)

3. You will look a bit geeky. Yes.

I’ve been wearing these and yes, I like them a lot! Its a practicality issue for me – I am always using my phone and cameras, routing round for money etc.

etre touchy gloves-1.jpg

May I take this opportunity to say that the HTC Hero is the worst phone I have ever owned? Ever?

Of course, you can customize some if you want – buy some cheap gloves and chop off the first and second finger but it would fray unless you have some way to seal it up…nah, can’t be bothered with that.

You can buy Etre Gloves here for £19.99. Quite a nice little present for someone, I think!

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  1. says

    They look fab!!! A little bit pricey for something I am going to lose, but still really nice! I wonder what colours they have. They would look good with a motorola android phone 😛

  2. Medina says

    LOL! I started a 40-comments-long thread on Fecebook about winter gloves/iPhone incompatibility just yesterday. Apparently there is a better option… You can just stitch some conductive thread onto a thumb and finger of any glove you like, looks way cooler and you can make a design feature out of it.

  3. Lauren says

    Thanks for the review! How stretchy are they? Printed out the sizing guide and I’m somewhere between a women’s and a children’s size. Wondering if they’re stretchy enough for me to get away with the smaller size.