Girls Aloud launch Eyelure Fake Lashes!

I love fake lashes, although I am crap at applying them. This means that I tend to rip them off when I am done and the go right in the bin – so rarely do I buy expensive lashes (ie. anything over £2).

Kiss And Makeup_ Get lashes like Girls Aloud with their false lash range from Eylure.jpg

For £5 you can buy a pair of Girls Aloud themed fake lashes from Superdrug! Because they are so much better when endorsed by Girls Aloud!

Question – why aren’t Nicola’s lashes ginger? Not very authentic.

I have a better idea. Go to eBay and buy a pack of 20 fake lashes in random styles for £8. That’s what I do! And they just work just as well!

Meanwhile, I was having a browse at the Superdrug website and noticed the new Maybelline Lash Stiletto mascara:

Lash Stiletto at Superdrug.jpg

If they aren’t fake lashes then I will eat my toenail clippings. I thought we had already said using faux lashes and pretending they were achieved by just mascara was a beauty no no? (It doesn’t say anywhere on the page that lash inserts had been used)…

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  1. mandypandy says

    I too wondered why the ‘Nicola’ lashes weren’t transparent. I suppose Eyelure’s implying that the falsies with individual Girls Aloud members depicted above them are similar to the ones each girl WEARS, not the ones she actually HAS. Epic fail.