Giovanni Tea Tree Triple Treat Shampoo and Smooth As Silk Conditioner Review

I have heard some good things about Giovanni’s hair care range.  The products are supposed to be eco friendly and do not contains SLS or paragons.  I purchase two of the products to try out – the Tea Tree Triple Treat shampoo as this is for dry, flaking scalp like mine and the Smooth as Silk conditioner which is moisturising. 

Here are the products – they look like slabs:

Giovanni invigorating shampoo smooth as silk conditioner

The range looks quite ok even if the bottle shape is odd, and it doesn’t appear overly ‘organic’ so to speak.  I have now finished these products off (as I always do with shampoo and conditioner unless it’s truly horrendous)…

First off the shampoo. They say:

Giovanni Tea Tree Triple Treat Shampoo increases scalp circulation for a refreshed, renewed feeling.

Giovanni Tea Tree Shampoo removes all traces of dirt, oils, and build up and helps alleviate dry, flaking scalp with organic peppermint botanicals.

The shampoo does indeed smell very fresh and minty, and it leaves a very tingly feeling on the scalp.  Do not get this in your eye – it will hurt.  I love the refreshing feeling on the scalp but I didn’t feel like it helped with my dry, flaky scalp at all – if anything, I felt my scalp was scalier than normal (which didn’t happen when I was using the Aveda Invanti range).  

Even so, I guess my scalp didn’t feel itchy when using this product which is a bonus but I would go else where for something that gets rid of flakes. 

Giovanni invigorating shampoo smooth as silk conditioner

The Smooth as Silk conditioner I had high hopes for but for me, it didn’t really help with knots and tangles much. 

I tried adding water to see if it would activate but my hair was seriously just as knotty and before.  I have found that silicone free conditioners, so far, don’t work as well on my hair as ones that do – I am still searching for that dream conditioner though! 

This conditioner was just so-so to me – it half softened my hair, so I don’t really see why I would purchase it again since the brand it hard to get hold of.

Giovanni invigorating shampoo smooth as silk conditioner 1

The main thing for me though which I really didn’t like was that when used together, these product didn’t keep my hair clean for long. In fact 24 hours after using these products (and I tried them again and again to see it wasn’t just a one off) my hair felt greasy and dirty…like it attracted grease after using them!  It sounds crazy but I could last a day or two with other products but with these two, I actually couldn’t stand the feeling of oily hair within a day. 

I tried less product, more rinsing, but it still felt the same to me unfortunately. 

In the end i was so eager to finish these off so they could no longer torture me. Grrr!

*I purchased these online for around £8 each from a shop called who I do NOT recommend as they didn’t have 3 of the items i ordered! Rubbish! 


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  1. Jasmine says

    I recommend the Jasons range of organic conditioner – I use the Jojoba one and it is slippery and soft and keeps my hair really smooth (to the point of being slick) so I reserve it for the dry ends. It smells a little bit like baby powder so I’m not a big fan of it… hoping to finish the bottle and to move on to a different conditioner in the range, hopefully one with a better scent. Hope this helps!