Giorgio Armani Lip Wax, Bobbi Brown Mauve & Clear Last Eye Primer

Random haulings of the week…it’s been a busy one but are are some beauty snippets –

Bobbi Brown Mauve:

I like the BB raspberry palette very much and this mauve is nice too – although I’m not sure why I need such a huge pan of blush…my face isn’t that big….anyway, the lip colours are pretty sheer and they eyeshadows are not as soft as the Raspberry palette ones but its still a stellar palette. Sometimes we just need elegance don’t we?

Have you seen the BB nudes palette for Autumn/Winter? Yawnnnnn…

How many shades of taupe? beige? white? Grrrr.

The BB palettes that I always end up giving away and selling up are the nudey ones with little colour variation.

Clear last is a Japanese Brand – this is a dark circle primer….

This is NOT a concealer – I thought it would be! Its actually a white lotion with a medium thick texture, and you rub and massage it as a base before concealer.  It moisturizes, adds a tad of brightness and feels grrreatttt!

Its a good job that Armani Lip Waxes come in some pretty hideous colours….red, reds, and reddy.  There were only 2 shades there I would by and honestly wear, 01 (nude) and 02 – a rosier browny nude.  I went for the nude because….well, just because:

What can I say.  It has a matte/satin texture and wasnt too drying despite this.  The olour was nice – a pretty basic liver lipped type nude and is a great base with some gloss on top.

It was £18.  Erm….yeah its ok. I hate most products that you have to dip your finger into, the same one you’ve secretly picked your nose with and I hate carrying lip brushes around so this will have to be a first thing in the morning product me thinks.

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  1. blu3 says

    that clear last stuff…does that help smoothen out under eye lines so that concealer won’t crease as much? or is jt just an eye cream?

    thanks :)

  2. Row says

    Hi Blu

    Its a clear liquid and it is just to smooth the eye area before concealer – it doesn’t conceal anything by itself!