Giorgio Armani Face Fabric & Ochra 2008 Palette

So there I was, innocently walking through my favourite store in the world, selfridges, enjoying my new found discipline – i.e. ‘No Buy’ and what flashes before me?

A new counter ladies. Not just any new counter. Not just another Lancome, Clinique or Chanel. All on its own, on a sleek, black space complete with plasma tv displays….

Armani. Cosmetics.

I have read numerous excellent reviews about their products, but apart from an Illuminator (very nice too) bought from EBay, I have not been lucky enough to see this stuff for myself.

Over I go to inspect the goods. Bronze Mania 2008, the SA tells me, its LIMITED EDITION.

Oooh, I say, Ahh. The lip shimmers – so shimmery yet pigmented. The Ochra palette – so useful with its bronzer and golden hued eyeshadows. The best was yet to come. SA grabbed me and said, do you want to try something called face fabric? Its a liquid mineral….blah blah, in my head I’m thinking *how much is all this stuff?*

You know when you’re used to a brand you can guesstimate how much things cost. When you have never bought from a brand before then you never know. The palette could be £100 for all I know, and the foundations £50.

I don’t have much time to sweat, because suddenly, my red, blotchy face has been half covered by a silky, soft veil, light on the skin but giving me dewy, glowy skin. ‘Ooohhh’ I say, ‘I wasn’t expecting that’.

Armani Face Fabric looks like a thick cream foundation when it comes out of the tube but its texture is actually very light. I thought it would be too light to cover my red bits, but nope, it covered flaws perfectly.

The SA squeezed out the foundation in her hand, the spread the product to get it to turn to a thinner liquid. She then used a fluffy blusher brush to apply the product in a buffing motion – much like a powder mineral foundation. It was very quick, very painless and the result was incredible.

God knows the last thing I needed was ANOTHER foundation but this was true love for me. There’s no need to powder afterwards (unless you want to of course), and you get a reasonable 40ml for £27. I was matched to shade 4, which I thought a looked a little dark in the tube for me NC35/OC40 complexion but the SA felt it would warm my complexion a tad, and the product itself is ‘blendable’ to different tones anyway. I think shade 4 is perfect for the summer as it is ever so slightly warmer than my skintone.

I couldn’t resist the Limited Edition Ochra Palette either. It was £45 (less than I thought) and I love products that are

a. space savers
b. gold!

Finally – the lip shimmers! I immediately fell in love with two.

No. 48 is limited from the Bronze collection. It is a reddish orange full of sparkles – I like that is is pretty pigmented.

No. 52 is also limited and from the previous Cafe collection. It is nothing like my usual nudes – a deep, purple-wine with micro sparkles. It is pigmented but I think it would make a nice change for the evenings and it could work well on a nude, matte lipstick in the day.

Lip shimmers are £17 each.

All in all….damn my palpitating heart. Nevertheless, I am completely in love with these Armani products and can’t wait to try more of their products, especially the powders!

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  1. says

    Armani’s Holiday 2007 collection was to DIE for; you just HAD to see the lipstick! *Le sigh* Sadly, GA’s prices can be quite unreasonable on our side of the pond.

    I shall have to try the FF, though, the next time I’m at Nordstrom. Wedding season is already upon me and I find myself makeup-less.

  2. Row says

    Hey Mandy

    What was the 07 collection? Sigh – I never looked as it wasn’t accessible to me. Def not a cheap brand though but I was suprised that the main palette was £45 and the foundation is cheaper than RMK.

    Sigh. Im invited to zero weddings. All my friends are single!

  3. says

    It was called the ‘Black Gem’ collection and the packaging was decorated with black Swarovski crystal.

    Don’t feel bad; GA makeup is still unaccessible to me.

    All your friends are single?!? Lucky! I keep getting invited to the weddings of friends or family friends, where the other folks just look at me with pity and ask me when I’M going to get married (never, if they keep this up).

    Apparently an Asian woman in her mid-20s is well past her sell-by date, and must be pitied.

  4. Chica says

    Yay, now I have Spandau Ballet’s Gold going round my head :oP
    Love the quad! May have to make a London trip soon x