Giorgio Armani Cosmetics Pop Up in Harvey Nichols Manchester & my Makeover with Cesar Santos!

Last week I visited one of my favourite luxe cosmetic brands Giorgio Armani in Harvey Nicolas Manchester, as they currently have a pop up counter in there!  The Armani counter is very sleek, spacious and also quite private – perfect for getting a little make over without glaring passers by! 

Make Up Artist

Where to begin with the Armani brand if you have never tried their products before? 

Their range is luxe and therefore is pricy, but also very good quality and lasts a very long time.  I can’t remember the last time I finished up an Armani product even with regular use because you tend to only need a small amount.

I personally am a big fan of their base products (they do a really nice selection of liquid base blush, highlighters, bronzers etc) and I just prefer that kind of texture to something overly heavy.  They also do really nice lipsticks and I love their eyes to kill pressed eyeshadows. 

Other people tell me that they love their Luminous Foundation, Loose Powder and the Eyes to Kill Mascara!

Armani Make Up Over

When I visited the counter I had a make over with the extremely talented Armani make up artist, Cesar Santos. 

Make up make over

I told Cesar I was up for anything colour wise, DO WHAT YOU LIKE TO MY FACE I said, and he did! He went of a smokey eye, purpley toned, with a plum lipstick and a paler gloss to sheer it out.  Eyes AND lips, I said? Why not, he said…after all you can focus on eyes and lips and still look elegant…

I think Cesar is right – quite often we’re always taught to do either eyes or lips, and yes it works, but it’s also quite fun and what I think of as quite a ‘confident’ face, that has both bold lips and eyes.  

Cesar also told me that Armani product can be layered – liquid can be applied on top of powder and it will not go funny or cakey because of the formulations.  

A working artists table!

Armani Make Up Make Over

My main observations whilst watching Cesar – or rather feeling him – at work, is how light his touch is, and how little make up is used to create an even, glowing, unified base. I love it! I also asked Cesar to teach me how to do some quick easy contouring which he did with an eye pencil under the cheekbone and at the sides of my nose (I think the product he wanted to use wasn’t in stock so he improvised!), the a red toned blush TO CONTOUR (yes really) around the chin and forehead,  and a liquid highlighter at the top of the cheekbones.  Clever!

My finished face:

Armani Make Over Cesar

Products used:

Master primer
High precision retouch 3.5
Luminous silk foundation 6.5
Fluid sheer 10
Loose powder 2
Waterproof eye pencil 1
Eyes to kill intense eyeshadows 2 and 9
ETK classic
Rouge D’Armani sheer 601
Flash lacquer 102
Fluid sheer 9

I do really like the finished Armani look – it’s elegant and looks glowy and real.  I think I will me taking the time to do the Armani face 😀

The Armani Pop Up is at Harvey Nichols Manchester until the 25th June 2014. You are welcome to pop by for a free make up lesson!

Cesar can be found at the Armani counter in House of Fraser, Westfield (London) as of next week! 


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