Gillette Venus Naked Skin IPL Hair Removal System Trial: Part 2

Back in December I introduced you to the Gillette Venus Naked Skin IPL Hair Removal System I am currently trialling.  I am late with this update post; I’m afraid life and a teething baby has got in the way of these posts and also I have had to retrain myself into the art of video editing (not that easy!).

Thankfully, despite how busy I have been, the Gillette Venus system to it’s credit, very easy to use.  I have been able to keep up with my scheduled treatments because at the moment it’s just one every 2 weeks and it only takes me around 20-30 minutes.  But I am not exactly a hairy bear, so it might take you longer if you have more hair.  I was also being interrupted throughout and slow because I was paranoid about not hitting the same areas twice.  Anyway, if you have time to paint your nails, then you’d have time to use this.

Here is an unboxing vid I filmed with the help of Mr C (my hands aren’t that hairy) to show you whats in the kit and an idea of scale. I’ll talk to you more about the results in the next video:

Gillette IPL Venus System from Miss Candy on Vimeo.

So far I have noticed very very little return of hair on my legs. Like I said, I am typically Chinese in being not that hairy, however this machine has shown in 3 treatments that I can be even smoother!

Armpit hair, where I am bushier, has also been reduced and is finer.  Pit hair actually really irritates me as I do need to shave this every week and I have a tendency to get blocked follicles that can get sore.

I can’t wait to see how much better this can get…if it leaves my pits hair-less by the end of this I will be veryyyyyy pleased indeed. No doubt this kind of machine is expensive, but I don’t think you do need to be Groucho Marx to invest in this piece of kit, it could be that like me, you can just use it to maintain super fuzz free skin.

Other thoughts;

The kit is pretty quiet, and it does shine quite brightly when used (you are supposed to look away though!).  I did jump the first few times because I was expecting PAIN (my cousin had IPL in a salon and left with red marks on her arms which made her look like she had been grilling herself).  Thankfully, it was tingly and a bit odd for me as I have never used IPL but not painful (hello, I had a baby not long ago, don’t talk to me about pain).

Also, I am thinking of charging the women in my family for a course of IPL treatments…not ethical? What?! I was only kidding! Ahem.

So far so good. If you stick with me I might even show you before and afters of my armpits…aren’t you lucky!?

Have you ever tried IPL?!

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