Gillette Venus Naked Skin IPL Hair Removal System Trial: Part 1

When it comes to hair removal, I am in to low maintenance, easy to use methods.  I don’t have huge amounts of body hair but there are strays here and there which ideally, I’d like to keep under control in a pain free easy way.  I do have hairy armpits which need regular shaving which is majorly annoying and I refuse – absolutely refuse – to have them waxed.  The pain!

Then I was sent this swish system to try out – the Gillette Venus Naked Skin IPL system, designed by Braun:

Gillette Venus Naked Skin IPL Hair Removal System Trial Part 1

I have never used IPL before (Intense Pulsed Light) and to be honest I have never really considered it before now – I am not a regular salon go-er and regular appointments combined with 100s of pounds for the treatment doesn’t interest me.  But something I can do at home whilst having a cup of tea and watching Dexter? Yeah! 

I am doing a 12 week trial with the system with a treatment every 2 weeks – so 6 treatments in total. Apparently, this is enough to show good results.  

Remember I like things with MINIMUM effort especially with a little one now, I don’t have time to be worrying too much about body hair.  I have had my first trial with the system and actually, it wasn’t too bad – it took me longer to get it set up no doubt because it was my first go. I can live with one treatment every 2 weeks to be honest.

The unit – it’s lighter than it looks:

Gillette Venus Naked Skin IPL Hair Removal System Trial Part 1 1

In regards on how to use the system, there is an excellent and clear video on You Tube on how to use the Gillette Venus Naked Skin System.  I found the videos very useful, and easier to follow than the booklet – a visual guide usually is. 

The unit has a skin tone reader which measures the amount of light the unit has to output – as the system doesn’t work for some skin tones, like very dark skin as it may absorb too much light, and white, grey, red and very blonde hair.  So it is quite technical! It’s not for everyone!

When I used the system I had to shave my legs and armpits first – this was very odd as I never ever ever ever ever shave my legs – I hate it! But the reason for this is so that the light can get to the hair follicle and send it to sleep (my cousin who is a frequent IPL-er says that it’s best to let the hair grow for a day too but I didn’t).

When you google ‘Does IPL hurt?’ which I did, trust me, there’s mixed reviews! Some people say it burns, some say it feels like an elastic band’.

For me it felt like an intense light hitting the skin – quite a warm sensation but it didn’t hurt.

But I’ve had been through labour now so quite frankly, nothing really hurts that much in comparison. Oh, apart from stubbing my big toe. 

I guess the fact it didn’t hurt is down to the skin tone measurer which made sure the right amount of light was being omitted. Afterwards my leg was slightly red and this disappeared after 6 hours.

My armpits must be more delicate because it felt more ouchy there – hotter I would say, but since it’s a smaller area, it’s covered in 2/3 clicks!

Gillette Venus Naked Skin IPL Hair Removal System Trial Part 1 3

You also get 2x 100ml of the gel to use with the system – you cannot or should not, rather, substitute it for other creams and gels. 

So far, it’s not bad. If it works I will be impressed! I’ll update you in 2 weeks time!

You can see the official site here and it’s on sale at Amazon for (currently) £332.10!

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