Gift Idea: Hello Kitty Purfume and Purse Set

I love Hello Kitty, and I feel the need to enforce this love onto other people, especially small children so this was my gift choice for my cousin, aged 9:

Hello Kitty scent.jpg

Do you know which perfume she really wanted? J’adore Dior! No chance, kiddo!

This is far more suitable in terms of price (£12) and just general cuteness. You get a little bottle of scent and a cute purse to go with it. It smelt quite sweet to me (as you would imagine), great for the little ‘uns – its also supposed to be quite gentle on the skin:

hello kitty scent-1.jpg

Most little girls like to start collecting things like this I think just so they can call it their own rather than nicking mums.

You can get it herefor £12.95, its also in the 3 for 2!

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