Gift Guide: Neutrogena Wave Automatic Cleanser Thing

One of the teens in my family asked me if I would buy her a Clarisonic for Christmas.

I looked at her and laughed, and said “Of course I will, little spotty one. And will you buy me a diamond encrusted toilet seat? Could you buy me the services of Laura Mercier and Oribe for ten years, and can she/he follow me around topping my make up and hair between bacon butties? Will you get me a Ferrari with a Hello Kitty painted body and 50 inch rims?”

She looked at me, unable to grasp the concept of money and reality, and replies…”Er….ok.”

No little one, you will not be getting a Clarisonic, this is not My Super Sweet 16. But you will be getting this Neutrogena Wave:

neutrogena wave.jpg

Great Gift For: Friends, Teens

What You Get: A Neutrogena wave machine and refill pads.

Notes: They say it gives you ‘An intense deep clean for a refreshing feeling and remarkably softer skin.’

Buy it from: Best price was at Superdrug, its half price for £6.36.

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