Getting Party Ready with BIC Soleil & Bourjois!

I have always had good quality disposable razors handy regardless of any other hair removal methods I’ve used (such as waxing) because there’s always times when you need to get quickly and painlessly get rid of stray hair!  Also, not everyone’s skin tolerates harsher hair removal methods (mine is very sensitive and goes red easily) and I know that with a clean, sharp razor, I won’t cause any trauma to my skin. 

Disposable razors are quite fun and glam these days, and don’t look or feel cheap either. BIC Soleil disposable razors are my current go to razor. 

BIC Soleil Lady 2014 01 1

BIC Soleil Lady has 3 blades, a lubricating strip with Aloe Vera and Vitamin E, and ergonomic handle with soft grips for better control.  

BIC Soleil Scent has an easy grip handle and 3 bases for a closer shave.  The handles are scented with lavender too!

The best way to use these razors is to prepare the skin with a shaving product like cream or gel, and shave in the direction your hair grows and moisturise afterwards.  Remember to exfoliate to prevent ingrown hairs and to change your razor head to make sure you are using sharp blades.  

Anyway, to celebrate a rather cool give-away BIC are running in collaboration with Bourjois (more details at the end of this post!) I have a few tips for getting ready for a big day or party when you are short on time!

1. Planning your outfit…

…is really important right? There’s nothing worse that rushing about at the last moment and realising that you have the right skirt but not the right top.  Find out what kind of party or do you are going to and pick out your clean outfit, ready to wear.  Remember too that picking the right Footwear is essential and if you have to wear something super high and uncomfortable, pack your roll up flats!  If possible, plan your outfit at least a day before the event.

2. Take a moment to relax

If you have a full night ahead, it’s always nice to do a little something to chill out beforehand.  Have a bath, grab a snack, listen to music, take a disco nap for 15 minutes.  It can really put you in a good mood for the night ahead. 

3. Quick Body Fixes…

Of course, you have to look good for your event!  There are quick beauty fixes you can do at home to look like you’ve spent time in a salon – dry shampoo in your hair if you have no time to restyle; spray on instant fake tan for some glow; stick on nail wraps instead of waiting for nail polish to dry; grabbing an instant disposable razor like the BIC Soleil to clean up any fuzzy areas (legs, armpits especially!). 

4. Quick Face Fixes!…

Look more awake right away with some fake eyelashes and highlighting powder around the top of the cheekbones.  Liquid highlighters are great under the eye area in a triangle shape to give you that wide awake look. Use a glossy lip stain for a long lasting finish that won’t come off on your glass, but doesn’t look too heavy.  

5. Pack your little bag…

Don’t forget your essentials as you head out the door (especially since you will most likely be putting it in a smaller bag to go out!).  Keys, money, mobile, tissues, lipsticks, powder, fragrance etc!  Before you go…make sure your hair tools are unplugged and everything is safe!


I have tested both of these razors and they are definitely very good!  I went through a phase when I was younger of buying those extremely cheap basic plastic razors (the ones where you get 10 in a pack!) thinking, what’s the difference anyway?  Well, there definitely IS a difference and by paying just a bit more you get a sharper razor and also one that feels more caring on the skin (I am a fan of the lubricating strip) and I only need to draw it over an area once, not over and over to get a clean shave. 

I also feel more protected with these BIC razors, I don’t feel like they are going to slice my skin at any point even when manoeuvring it over less than flat areas!  Overall, they are a good buy for the price – I don’t shave with every shower either so a pack can very easily last me 2 months or so. 

BIC Soleil Scent 2014 01 1

Special Offer!

BIC Soleil are currently running a promotion with Bourjois, giving anyone who buys a pack of BIC Soleil Lady or Scent a 1 in 50,000 chance of winning a Little Round Pot Eyeshadow (worth £6.99) and one lucky winner the chance to win a trip to Paris!  Each promotional pack features a scratch card on the back which unveils a unique code – just ‘like’ the BIC Soleil Just Live Facebook Page and enter your code to see if you’ve won!

Bic Soleil Lady and Scent cost £3.59 each in most retailers. Here is the Brand Website 

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