Getting Eyelash Extensions? Quick Pros & Cons

I will be doing a proper, full comparison of the various lash extension treatments I have tried soon, but since a reader Debbie asked me for a quick pro and cons list of having lash extensions done…here it is!



1. Lash Extensions look amazing when done by a talented technician!
2. They can look as natural or dramatic as you want so you can customise your lashes (length etc.)
3. They last for a few weeks (depends on how you care for them) – so it’s like having false lashes for a while!
4. They remove the need (for most people) to curl the lashes and use mascara every day
5. They are great for special events.


1. They are expensive (anything up to £200+)
2. They take ages to put on
3. You can’t ALWAYS have what you want (extremely dramatic extensions for short, weak ones might make them fall out)
4. They can get uncomfortable (as my lashes grew I was rubbing my eyes a lot which can cause irritation)
5. They can fall out easily if you don’t take care with things like getting them wet or using an oil based remover with them, although…
6. Some refuse to come off too! As I learnt!

So not madly comprehensive, but these were the main issues I found when getting my lashes down. Despite the cons, they do look so amazing, and I am getting mine done again this weekend!

Services I have tried:

Sue Marsh


Jinny Lashes

I have to say, I had three amazing ladies doing my lashes, not tried a local service out yet, eek I’m scared!

What do you think? Have you tried lash extensions.

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  1. Fiona says

    I got eyelash extensions at my regular facialist 3 weeks ago. I was super happy with them at first. But then, just this past weekend, i the extensions started falling out! And they’ve pulled some of my real lashes out too! :( :( i even have a small gap in my eyelashes.. T_T
    I’m so sad about it right now.. NEVER getting extensions again! :(
    But I hope the rest of you ladies, who want it, have better luck with them than I have! >.<

    • Row says

      Hey Fiona

      Yep I have learnt too that they can be damaging to your lashes – you need a good lash job! I had a bad experience once too where my lashes were falling off in chunks – horrible they were sparse for ages afterwards.