Get rid of blackheads? Missha Super Aqua Blackhead Clear Oil Review

I’ve had issues with blackheads for a while, mainly over my nose areas but sometimes my chin.  It’s a real pain always having to use things like masks and pore strips!

With Asian brands, you’ll find tons of products specifically created to deal with the blackhead problem, so perhaps some girls are prone to this.  I can imagine in Asia, where it is hot and humid people are more likely to sweat and get blocked pores.

But then again, for me I live in chilly England and I still get blackheads AND dry skin! A facialist said to me that I had blemishes but because my skin was so dry they were hard to extract, it was like it didn’t want to let them out!

With such delightful imagery, I bring you Missha’s Super Aqua Blackhead Clear Oil:

Misscha Super Aqua Blackhead Clear Oil

The Missha Super Aqua range has a number of blackhead products (such as a serum and a mask).  However, I just bought this one item because I feel that the cleansing element is the most important when dealing with blackheads!

Also, I already have 2 blackhead serums from Laneige, which I have been using sporadically…

So the Clear Oil is a cleanser – this is supposed to have salt particles to remove blackheads and clean deep into the skin.  It also contains grape seed oil and green tea oil for oil control and lemon oil to prevent blackheads from appearing.

This product is used AFTER regular cleansing and you massage this on with your fingers for 5-10 seconds then rinse off.

Misscha super aqua blackhead clear oil

Whilst I love Cleansing Oils I have come to the conclusion that they are NO good for my dry skin – so I am happy to have this fairly small container of oil for a specific area of my face (ie. the oiliest).

I guess it’s just extra effort – I have discovered foam cleansing, which is great but is a bit of faff. Hmm. Laziness vs. Good Skin.

Anyway – this cleansing oil is pretty good. It hasn’t got rid of any blackheads – how can you do that without squeezing anyway – but where I have removed, and used this as upkeep, it has done a good job in delaying the reappearance of them.

The oil is clear with green bits in to scrub. It smells quite fresh:

Misscha blackhead cleansing oil 1

I’m not sure how often you should do this, but I am a bit too lazy to use it every day – I am using it about 3 times a day.  It’s not bad and if you aren’t too generous with it it should last 2 months I’m guessing?

I like this more than taking a harsh scrub or my nose so yes, I do like this.


Worth a try if you suffer from areas with blackheads! It’s quite gentle and works best for prevention.

I bought this from eBay.

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  1. SonjaBee says

    Shielo’s Complexion Scrub is a great way to get rid of blackheads. From what I understand blackheads form when dirt gets into your pores and get stuck. I’ve seen blackhead strips as well as methods of popping blackheads out but I’ve also read that these are only effective in the short term and can do some long-term damage especially the ones where you pop them out. It is a constant maintenance and you will never fully get rid of blackheads but it is nice to know that there are products like Shielo’s Complexion Scrub with a nice scent.

    All I do in my routine is this very simple: I just simply wash my face and then apply a little bit of the shielo complexion scrub on my fingers and gently applied to my face in a circular pattern. I let it sit a little bit while brushing my teeth and then I wash it out with warm water and pat dry with a cloth. It has worked well for me and I can recommend it.