Get Fit Haulage: Reebok Easytone Curve Trainers

If you ever need to sell a gimmick, sell it to me because I. will. buy. it.

Reebok Easytone Trainers “curve” entered my radar, and sure enough, I found this pair for £79.99 including postage via Amazon (Mr Candy kindly donated his gift vouchers so I could get these trainers!).

What do you think of them?


I seriously bought these just to see how they feel on, then it occured to me that £80 smackers is a lot of money for something to just “try on”. So I guess I’ll have to use them!

They say:

* EasyTone balance pod technology encourages up to 11% more toning in the hamstrings and calves, and up to 28% in the glutes
* Synthetic/mesh upper for comfort, support and breathability
* Dual density medial post provides superior stability, while adjustable heel strap reduces heel slippage
* SmoothFit design ensures minimal rub and ultimate comfort


I’m no trainer expert, but I would conclude that these are obviously well made, comfortable to wear (even for my wide feet) and make you feel quite elevated…They remind me of those Nike Air trainers from when I was a kid, and some other stupid kid would point to the air bubble in the heel and tell it that would make him fly…and I believed him too.

Here is the sole:


I wasn’t too bothered about what colour to get, I won’t be wearing these for any kind of social occasion anyway but I think these are ok looking. They come in black, purple, cream – all sorts of designs and shades.

I’d say these are quite wide, if you have narrow feet, you might want to try a different style.


I haven’t actually worn these out and about yet…but I will….what do you think I am? Superwoman!?!?!?

Do you have Reebok Easytone trainers? or something similar?

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  1. herchenm says

    i dont think these shoes will do anything. i think it might actually damage joints even more because of the uneven sole. theres too many people who already have x and o-shaped legs because of their bad walking and these will just enhance that because you have no stiff, even surface….

  2. C4ndyfloss says

    I have had these trainers since xmas but have only worn them about 3 times-i don’t think I’m gonna get a botty like the ones on the advert if I don’t wear them tho! :-(

  3. Stacie says

    I have 2 pairs and love them. They actually help me walk better too because i tend to walk on the outside of my feet and it stops me doing that. If you walk quickly in these you can feel it sooner than you would in normal trainers though