Geeky Haul of the Day: Le Petit Prince Limited Edition Moleskine Notebooks

Sorry it’s been quiet on the blog the last few days ladies, but I’ve been busy spring cleaning and sorting out some other projects! I thought Easter was supposed to be a break!?

Anyway check out my latest notebook haul! Cleaning up I realised that I have a ridiculous amount of notebooks but…always room for one more.

Moleskine brings out a limited edition design every year – last year it was Snoopy, the year before was Pacman. This year it is Antoine de Saint-ExupĂ©ry’s Le Petit Prince.


This one comes in the plain and lined versions, small and large and have different designs on the cover (but never tacky):#alttext#

This time Moleskine have created a cute first page with the little stars:


There’s also a cute little insert you get – if you put it together it becomes a mobile:


I do really like Moleskine notebooks, although I buy others, there’s the feel of the paper I just like and am used to (but the ink ALWAYS leaks through to the next page).

I bought the large and small size from Amazon, it’s by far the best price with free shipping.

Do you like cute notebooks?!

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  1. Charlotte says

    I adore cute notebooks. I’m always buying them from Paperchase and never using them! Artbox do some good ones too.

  2. Jen says

    I like cute notebooks a little too much…I tend to buy them cos they just look so damn cute, but then can’t bring myself to actually use them and spoil them by writing in them…kinda defeats the purpose of having them really…they look really good on my desk though :)

  3. says

    Yup, notebook fanatic here :) I’ve got ENDLESS amounts of half full notebooks. I bought a new one just yesterday. I’m always buying them as ‘gifts’ but can never bear to give them away.

  4. Gordita says

    Notebooks are my weakness, and I MUST get these!
    (For some reason, Le Petit Prince is madly popular here in Spain, you can buy pajamas and the like adorned with him!)
    But I love notebooks, I love Moleskine and I like the illustrations of the Little Prince, so it’s a triple threat!