Geeky Girl: 5 Things on the Tuesday Wishlist & Nip & Fab Winners!

Nip + Fab winners, Louise, Lousie Rogers and Rebecca Ho have now been emailed, please check your inboxes!

So not much going really ladies, just that it’s my Birthday soon and I’ve been thinking of some things on my wish list.

There’s no make up on here!

I’ve already bought my foundation for the winter (Coffret D’or!) and some lovely brushes (Tesshyu!) and sorted out a skincare routine as I try to really take care of my skin so I don’t need any more make up or skincare…but as always, like a triple bacon hamburger, I get tempted.

I’m mad into hair accessories, stationery and cheap but cute jewellery at the moment! So I’ll probably post about these and include all shopping links too.


1. Nikon D7000

I already have too many cameras, SLR’s and Compacts but I feel like my SLR’s are a little rusty. I want an upgrade, I want something not too ridiculously priced but can also film HD. Nikon cameras are absolute pants at the auto focusing when recording video and the D7000 is supposed to be good at it so…let’s see.


2. iPad

It’s impossible not to want one of these, so handy and yet it is very much a luxury item. I do think it will be really useful for my writing and blogging on the go…


3. The new iPod Touch

I wanted this so badly because my beloved iPod 120gb classic is dying on my – however I’ve just had a look and as clever as it is, having a camera an all – what’s with the tiny space? 64gb of memory for £329? Pictures of my arse will take up more than that.

This is what I hate about Apple – they give you one thing, then take something back. Here have Retina Display, but you can’t have more memory. They won’t give you slots to add external memory, you can’t use this software, you can’t use that…Ooh, better stop before people think I’m a PC lover.


4. iPhone 4

I am such a pathetic Apple whore. Everyone has slagged this phone off to oblivion but I don’t care, I missed out the first time on the iPhone and was left stranded with the HTC hero which is the worst phone I have ever used. Imagine, if every time you made a call you had to make it 8 times just for it to connect. Horrible, unresponsive piece of crap.

Coincidentally, if any of you want to buy it, send me an email, muhahahahaaa!


5. Handbags!

I’m on the market for 3 new bags, a casual small one for the weekends, a large bag for the day and a travel bag – I realised when I went on holiday that I don’t have anything suitable as Cabin luggage that is spacious and chic.

I prefer leather bags – they last a lot longer I think and are really strong. I’m not the biggest fan of LV but I like their Sirius 55 – it reminds me of Paddington Bear!


All I need is a jar of marmalade! Can you take that on board these days?

Any geeky things on your wishlist if money were no object?

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  1. says

    I want a digital SLR, and a new digital point and shoot. I’m partial to Canon but I hear that Casio is good :p

    I’d also love a new handbag. Something from Miu Miu or Prada that can hold papers and books, with a long strap and short strap.

    Finally, a soft, thick long cardigan.

    Paddington Bear is the best!

    I have to say, I find the IPad really annoying to type on. And Safari is prone to crashing at times. And videos don’t play very well, in Safari nor in Youtube. Definite performance degradation over time; I bet there’s a memory leak or something. Lol, guess I’m not much of an apple person.

  2. Rebecca Ho says

    I recently purchased a SLR and I got a Pentax – quite an unknown japanese brand but I like it!
    Lots of people seem to like the Canon eos 55d though.
    I really want WeSC Bongo Seasonal Headphones in Mauritius Blue O.O they are soo good quality you wouldn’t want to use anything else again.
    Also I’d really like some nike dunks.
    Ok last one: i too really want a LV bag – a speedy 35 (the one that juicystar07 has XD)
    NOT gonna happen… boo hoo :'(

    • Row says

      Nahhh you don’t want a speedy! They don’t have a supportive base, so if you put too much stuff in it, it collapses :)