Geeky Bargain of the Day: Cat Purses & Wallets on eBay!

Let me have a geeky cat mom moment, as I’ve seen these Ciccia purses on eBay today and I thought I’d share!

These are £12.99 each – it’s good value as the purses are real leather (similar feel to Radley but without the stupid dog, CAT POWER!!!).


Love the paw detail on the zipper!

I don’t really have any use for the coin purses unfortunately (so cute though!) but I’d like a new make up bag and possibly the wallet as mine is huge and just basically full of failed lottery tickets and Cafe Nero receipts.

Check out the range here! * It’s the one day special offer so it will disappear after today (though it might be back in a few months time).

*No I don’t work for eBay, I’m just addicted

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