Gay Gay Gay

Was watching the tele, and was introduced to something called the World Acrobatic Championships 2008. Men’s groups – the gayest thing I have EVER seen. Even my other half, who is 89% gay rejects it for its gayness.

Can’t find the exact clip I saw, but this will give you an idea:

It’s the dancing that kills it!

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  1. Chica says

    LOL! Cheers Row, I just choked on my coffee!
    The flips are amazing but the dancing…wtf, amazingly gay.

  2. says

    They remind me of Russian Nesting Dolls, only queerer.

    Their routine seems to combine the flagrant homo-eroticism of men’s wrestling with the grace and agility of Chinese acrobatics.

  3. says

    rotfl i can’t believe what I just saw! I admire the strength and skill it takes for those flips and catches, but the way they wave their arms around in unison looks so freaking gay…. like you said, haha 😀