Garnier Rollerball Eye & Face Creams

I haven’t used Garnier products, ever since one of their face creams made my face puff up like a….er…puffer fish?

But since I am not immune to a bit of flash advertising, I like the look of the GarnierEye Roll On with Caffeine (because I DON’T have enough in my system already).

This product is sold out all OVER the place, so the promise of refreshed eyes for lazy people is obviously strong. (The retail price in the UK is £9.99 – it will be back soon, it is not a limited product so don’t pay something stupid on Ebay!)

One looks like a deodorant (mental note, do NOT leave out for the boyfriend or it WILL have underarm hair on it) –

I have been thinking about getting wrinkly this year, hence the red roll on. The product is called Ultra Lift X – says the blurb:

Garnier UltraLift Pro-X Lifting anti-wrinkle roll-on.

An easy to apply roll-on that can be used to target areas where needed to plump up even the deepest wrinkles.Massage face and neck to achieve a more firmer toned appearance.Reduce wrinkles around eyes and mouth.Plump up deep frown lines on forehead.

Too much product comes out of this for there to be enough roll on activity – the more you roll, the more comes out, so the massage thing doesn’t quite work out. This hasn’t given me any rashes and has plumped up my face a little, so I like it! I bought it on offer for £6.99 and its a good item to throw in the handbag.

The Eye Roll on is nice and cooling (hence the metal ball). It is fairly moisturising – I wouldn’t use this as my only eye product but as something to refersh eyes during the day (like when you have been staring at the PC or hours). Make sure you use this on clean skin, because the rollerball will drag the dirt back into the tube!

Yes it is pretty faddy, but I like the rollerball, it makes it easy to apply when you are out and about, and the eye product is nice and cooling. Like I said, not a great replacement for your normal eye cream (its no moisturising enough) but its a nice product to have.

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