FYI: Becca Bird of Paradise and Brazillian Bronzing Sheen Discontinued

I am really into Becca at the moment and whilst looking for their Brazillian Bronzing Sheen, a sheer bronze glow multi use product, I noticed it was out of stock on a lot of sites.

Their PR has confirmed the Brazillian Bronzing Sheen and Bird of Paradise have been discontinued so really, sites that have gone out of stock won’t be getting the product in again.

The Brazillian Bronzing Sheen:


Bird of Paradise:


This iridescent gloss gives a fresh dewy finish to the eyes, lips and face and adds luminosity and radiance to lackluster, dull complexions. It’s best for highlighting cheekbones and adding a pearlised sheen to eyes, and lips. It can be applied with a brush or fingertips and can be layered of mixed with other products.

The fragrance free, non-irritating and non-sticky formulation is comfortable and lightweight.

Is easily applied over makeup and endures hours of wear.

If you want these you’ll have to do a little look around as it’s out of stock on quite a few sites. I nearly bought from Salon Skincare then I remembered this experience followed by this so decided against it.

I eventually purchased these from Beauty Expert (BBS) and Look Fantastic (BOF) respectively (I was only going to buy the Brazillian Bronzing Sheen but then decided I want one of each before it disappears!). Both sites have free shipping – I wonder who will be quicker to dispatch!?

Do you buy back ups of items once you learn they are going to be discontinued?

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  1. says

    If the product is something I very much love or use often I would go the lengths to buy it up before it goes away forever. Have you checked on or I did a quick google shopping search and those two popped up here in the US. Not sure what you might find for UK. Much luck in your quest 😀