Fruit Bowl Beauty: Skinfood Lip & Cheek Fruit Colors

I did a bit of Skinfood hauling on eBay (you may have noticed) and I bought these cheek and lip colours. I was only going to buy one but…instead I ended up buying all of them. THE COLOURS ARE REALLY DIFFERENT, OK!?

skinfood fresh fruit lip & cheek-1.jpg

Each colour is made for lip and cheek, comes in a small tin and each one has a particular scent depending on its fruity flavour and the colours are just gorgeous! A rosy pink, a nude peach, apricot and a bright hot blue based pink. See why I had to buy them all?

Pomegranate is the pretty rosy pink:

skinfood fresh fruit lip and cheek pomegranate.jpg

Apricot is a nude light peachy shade, the most pale of the lot:

skinfood fresh fruit lip cheek.jpg

The Grapefruit should have been called peach, because its peachy!”

skinfood grapefruit.jpg

Berry is a fairly bright blue based pink (tad brighter than in the photo):

skinfod fresh fruit lip and cheek berry.jpg

Ok. Don’t laugh. I’ve been too pathetic to swatch them because they look so purdy in their tins but I promise I will swatch shortly and review! Ok? Just let me look at the shiny, perfect surface for a bit longer!

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  1. They do look purty! How much were these? I might just drop by Skinfood for these!

  2. Ahh they look so pretty! I like the apricot one!

  3. They look so gooood!

  4. you are so hilarious! They do look gorgeous : D, especially berry, so bright. I wonder hows the pigmentation on them.

  5. Ahhhh! I totally could relate to not wanting to swatch these babies!
    I only got the Berry and Pomegranate.
    But LOVE them lots!
    But I read your reply about 9 pounds each?!
    I heard that they mark up prices…but thats a tad insane…
    Wish I were in Korea to order more and send them to you instead!
    (I got a friend to bring them over with her from her trip there)
    Anyway you could always try gmarket if anything…cause I’m sure it would be a tad cheaper no?
    Anyway thanks for sharing your pictures! it really does make me regret not getting the other two colours XD

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  7. wow.. i love the packaging so unique

  8. can you please tell me which store you hauled all your skinfood stuff via ebay?

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