Frugal Friday: What make up is worth what to you?

What make up is worth what is a bit of a tongue twister – but what I mean is – do you feel that you will pay more for one kind of make up over another (regardless of brand).

For example I have a big crush on Esprique make up at the moment and I knew for sure I wanted another eyeshadow palette at around £25. I wanted another item (I can’t buy things in ones) either another blush stick or a lip gloss, both retailing for around £18.

Now, I already have two of the blush sticks in pink and beige, and fancied the red, although it’s by no means essential. A lip gloss would make far more sense because I haven’t tried the new ones out yet, but in my head, I feel like £18 is quite a lot of lip gloss…I mean that stuff goes off pretty quickly.


And now that I think of it I find lip products more throwaway than an eyeshadow, a blusher or a foundation. Of course I have, and do pay £18+ for a lip product but I don’t know why…I found it hard to commit to spending that much on a lip gloss.

I think my the value order goes from: Foundation, Concealer, Powder, Eyeshadow, Blusher, Lipstick, Lip Gloss, Pencils.

Do you find that different make up is worth different values to you (ie. A foundation is worth more than a lip gloss) or do you have a set price you will spend on anything regardless of what it is?

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  1. says

    See, I’m happy to splurge on high end eyeshadows and eye pencils, but that’s it. Pretty much everything else, including foundation, has to be budget. My skin doesn’t react to much, so I’m not too wary about putting cheap stuff on it, and I find that often it works just as well. I think my list would have to be along the lines of:

    eyeshadow/eyeliner, nail polish, lip colours in general, foundation/concealer/powder, blush. I only have three blushes and a contour thingy.

  2. says

    For me its do I have a similar color at home. If I suspect I have something even close I’ll pass on an item. I know not everything dupes out perfectly but at some point you have to decide if it’s worth getting if it’s close.

  3. emilyjane says

    I just realised that over the years I’ve slowly gone from mostly drugstore to mostly high end in all my makeup – rather than paying more for any particular item. I expect to pay double the amount for foundation than I’d pay for any other item.

  4. Jen says

    Totally true for me, some items of makeup are definitely worth more to me than others…for me, the order would be:
    Skincare (not really makeup, but the more I spend on good skincare, the less I need to spend on base products!)> Foundation > Concealer > Mascara > Eyeliner > Blusher > Eyeshadow > Lipstick > Lipgloss
    I would spend more on foundation and concealer because I find it hard to find the right shade for my skin, and I also want products that last and don’t slide off through the day. Mascara and Eyeliner also important as I have oily lids, so they have to withstand that! Blusher through to lipgloss, I can pretty much make do with any product I can get my hands on, they are additional extras to me, rather than essentials :)

  5. says

    I find that most glosses are practically the same – just in different colours (and lets face it, most glosses aren’t that pigmented). The most I’d pay for a gloss would be about £7 at a push – but a lipstick…probably about £25. I LOVE lipsticks, if there’s a colour I love, I must have it, despite the price tag. My order would be something like lipsticks, foundation, concealer, mascara, lliquid eyeliner, eyeshadow, blush, gloss, pencils.

  6. cassidy says

    I guess it’s all personal preference mainly based on what we like to wear most.
    For moi:
    Foundation > Concealer > Lipstick > Blusher > Powder > Mascara > Pencils
    (ehh not sure, might alternate lipstick and concealer)

    I don’t wear much eyeshadow and dislike wearing gloss, so no list inclusion. 😛 but I may occasionally purchase a high quality single colour eyeshadow for an all-over lid application.

  7. cassidy says

    oh shucks. Looking back on another comment, must edit mine to place Skincare at number 1. ^^

  8. says

    yes skincare is at number 1 hehe i look at my stuffs, and serum & moisturiser cost the most on my desk..i dont really use foundation coz im into bb creams and thats not too pricey, so i split the money more on primer and sunscreen ^^
    the least i spent on is lipsticks, lipgloss, mascara (any brand will do, coz i finish them in a month ;p)
    i do spent alot on e/s palettes, but i think its worth it because it comes minimum 4 colours ^^ i dont buy single pots, think its waste of $ and space

    xoxo elle