Frugal Friday: What are your essential daily websites?

It’s another Friday, Friday – is it just me or does time pass quickly towards the end of the year?!

Anyway I was thinking about what websites I visit on a daily basis – I am a internet addict, there is no doubt. I do a lot of my work online, I do everything online practically! Everyone has their must visit sites right? Well most of mine are shopping sites, which makes it very. hard. to. be. frugal.

So I have had to change my habits somewhat from visiting, and constantly!

Cat walking

So I wanted to ask – what 5 sites (non shopping) do you visit every day? Can be as interesting or as boring as you like!

Minus shopping sites, mine are:

1. Flickr – I upload all my images to Flickr these days and I look through this to sort my images and to browse others pictures when I’m interested in a lens.

2. Twitter – Naturally. I still use the web version.

3. You Tube – I visit every day to see what my new videos are out there.

4. Daily Mail – Sorry! Sorry! Daily Fail really is a fail but can we just admit that lots of us read it and yes it makes us mad and the comments are infuriating but it’s addictive for that very reason.

5. Dlisted – My favourite gossip website – it’s very sharp and funny but with a heart.

What are your favourite websites that you must visit?

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  1. says

    Oh yes, I totally read the Daily Fail. I swear they make some of the comments up to wind people up! If not, there *really* must be a lot of bigots in the world.

    • Row says

      Hi Leah

      I think that too – you can actually GUESS the comments, you can GUESS the reactions but still its hard not to read them !

    • Row says

      Hey Caroline

      That is my favourite, bbcgoodfood too

      Hey! you are the first person to admit to facebook! x

  2. Jen says (I actually sometimes read an article just to laugh at the comments some ppl make!) of course!
    -pinterest (love the DIY section especially as you can pick up some really good tips!)
    -damnyouautocorrect/whydidyoubuymethat/worstthingieverate (perfect when it’s a tough day at work and I fancy a giggle or two lol)
    -foodie blogs…I love food, me!