Frugal Friday: Do you ever try to get a beauty bargain?

Watching The Apprentice and Four Rooms (LOVE!) has made me question my own negotiating skills and ability to spot a bargain.  We all watch the contestants thinking they’re plebs, but when you’re actually put into a highly stressful situation, maybe it’s not always that easy…

Having said that I’ve come to realise I love a bargain and/or special offer!

There’s a part of me that is hugely British and hates trying to get ‘a deal’ then there’s the Asian side of me that wants a deal, needs a deal, because it’s just good to have a deal.

But when it comes to getting a good deal – have you ever done this for beauty?Cat eating bread

When I went to Hong Kong this was a lot easier because they tend to give you lots of gifts with purchases. You can outwardly say, if I buy this, will you give me that for free? And they usually say, well buy this and this and you can have that! Also in countries like Japan they tend to offer discounts on some brands if you buy in bulk!

In the UK we tend to have product launch discounts, or 3 for 2, or whatever offer Boots and Superdrug has running. But there’s no real opportunities to get ‘a deal’, more picking up special offers.

Mind you, some counters over in the UK can be generous – I’ve been given gifts from Nars before and the RMK counter I went to used to have a goody box which the SA would let me dip in to if I spent a certain amount.  You’d be surprised how many counters have a goody box in the back…

I did a great deal online recently – I spotted some Laneige eyeshadows I wanted but the shipping was expensive and calculated per item – I bought 8 colours in the end and got 95% discount on the shipping.  Hurrah! (Swatches to follow).

(I’m not talking about being rude or bolshy, or even trying it on or being greedy – just some polite bargaining so you get a good price and the seller still makes a profit and gets some sales!)

Sometimes…getting the a good deal is better than getting them item. Yes or No?

And of course there’s a time and a place for everything. Don’t be going to the Guerlain counter and asking for a free Terracotta with a pencil sharpner now, will you?

Have you ever scored an amazing beauty deal?  Would you ever strategise so you get the best out of special offers/discounts, or even ask for a free gift with your purchases?


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  1. says

    Do you ever try to get a beauty bargain? Yeah, and then I go to another shop and they are selling whatever that I just purchased for cheaper =.=

  2. Emilyjane says

    Deals on makeup? No…I’m too British, and consider a purchase a good deal if it doesn’t come with a slap.

    that’s my cat there! She loves all people food except bananas but I think bread would be in her top five!

  3. Asuka says

    I buy cosmetics only on the grounds I will get a gift or some serious discount. I hate the fact that a huge portion of the price is marketing & advertisement expenses. So, I try to get to a price closer to the value of the product.

    I mainly buy pure natural carrier and essential oils in bulk at very low prices. For example, I would buy 10 times the rosehip oil you bought for that price.

  4. Jen says

    I love Four Rooms too! (and Go Susan in The Apprentice!!)
    I will usually wait until there is an offer on a product or free delivery until I purchase it (yes, I have pretty good self-control, most of the time!). When I buy stuff online, I always check for discount codes, and I feel cheated if I can’t find any :(