Frugal Friday: Beauty Products from the Supermarket!

These days most of the big supermarkets will have their own beauty ranges – cosmetics, skincare and haircare! I know that Sainsbury’s ,Tesco, Aldi, Waitroise and even Asda have their own beauty ranges!  They’re very affordable, these days they look chic and not at all cheap, and are of course handy to pick up when you’re doing your weekly shop.

Now…to be fair…in reference to this post, I didn’t go to any old supermarket, I went to Wholefoods in London.  So it wasn’t remotely cheap! But I was excited to find it because I’ve never been in before. They sell groceries, alcohol, dried foods, all healthy organic stuff.  The store is HUGE.

I picked up a ton of stuff – I can’t resist food and snacks. Some of the more interesting bits I picked up include, Himalayan Pink Crystal Salt which has a richer flavour than table salt (it had been recommended to me earlier in the day), Grasshopper Organic Porridge (not worth it, don’t bother) and Teapigs Popcorn Tea (like brown rice tea but slightly more burnt).

Wholefoods Himalayan Rose Pink Crystal Salt teapigs popcorn tea

They also have a really cool section downstairs with loads of organic skincare, haircare and make up! So many nice organic brands….

I tried Avalon Organics Lemon Shampoo and I LOVE it. I decided to buy another one to try whilst I was there so chose Shine (rather than dry hair or scalp care). Ylang Ylang is such a nice scent.

Avalon Organics Shampoo Shine Ylang Ylang 1

I got the conditioner too and it was about £6.50? Not a bad price because there’s no shipping changes.

Since Argan oil is all the rage, I bought this spray which contains it.  It also contains alcohol, eek, but still I like how light it feels on the hair:

Lovea Bio L Argan Oil Hair Spray 1

I really like Alba products.  I bought their coconut cream lip balm as it smells SO GOOD. Like fresh coconut. Yum!

Alba Coconut Cream Lip Balm

Tell you what – it’s not cheap shopping organic but I loved going to the shop, it was like a treasure trove, allbeit a really huge one. So in a way it’s not really a frugal friday…rather a organic friday! Also, the man at the till was rude to me…but that’s a given in organic food stores, I guess it’s the price you have to pay for pink coloured salt!

Would you buy beauty products from a supermarket?

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  1. says

    It’s a pity the guy at the till was rude. The Trader Joes staff in SF are usually really nice, but I’m not too familiar with the Whole Foods experience.
    Organic shopping is so fun! I like Alba products too.

  2. J says

    I bought the Teapigs popcorn tea too…it’s quite nice as a change to green tea :) It’d be quite interesting to browse round Wholefoods as you hear about it so much from the States, I find even looking round Holland & Barrats comes up with a few surprises (snail gel anyone?!)

  3. Jane says

    Ooh, I love going to Whole Foods in High St Ken too!!
    Love how they have everything so well organised & also have ready-diced vegetables.
    In terms of skincare and make up, I tend to go there for Butter London & the shea butter mango cream the brand of which escapes me at the moment!
    Also really like thier restaurant upstairs where you can get ice creams and crepes, so all in all, one of my fav supermarket!