Front Cover Eye Kit half price at Boots

There’s a new brand called Front Cover at boots – their £30 eye palette is half price this week at £15:

It looks pretty dapper but I despise cardboard cases, especially bulky boxy ones *shudders*. It gets chewed by the kitties, it isn’t resistant to water, it’s bulky, it’s ugly – NO. For that reason I won’t be buying this but it’s a nice looking kit – never tried the eyeshadows so can’t vouch for the quality though. If its a boots own brand, which they quite often are then I’d run for the hills.

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  1. says

    Me and my friend just talked about this palette, it looks interesting because you can make it liquid shadow/ dry I’m not sure if I’m right, but you are right about the packaging though

  2. Row says

    Hey NikkI!

    Well I reckon with any good quality shadow you can convert it into a liquid shadow. Just a bit of water or drop of glycerin will do it I don’t think you need a special kit 😉

  3. Kimmi says

    i have this kit and i can say it’s pretty good :-) the colours look ace, the bright ones stay bright on your eyes and the metalics are great. they last all day/night without creasing.
    yes i agree the packaging is pretty naf, and it’s not something you can cart around with you, but the contents are fab :-)

  4. Row says

    Hi Kimmi

    Yeah I went in to have a play and it is a lovely kit and definately recommended for people who are newer to make up. I have loads of make up and limited space so I hate anything that takes up too much space for no reason :/ Also I think you can take the shadows out and stick them into a smaller palette so they are transportable too!

  5. says

    This eyeshadow set I have to say is the best around. I have always used Estee Lauder and MAC cosmectics and I have to say I prefer this one. I dont go for it because of the price because some one bought it me for Christmas, its a quality set. Definitely recommend.

    Dont judge a book by its (cardboard) cover 😉

  6. Row says

    hey Rebecca

    I agree the shadows are good and especially if you don’t have much make up this palette will cover a lot of what you need. I still hate the packaging though! I hate how huge it is and anything made of cardboard is always chewed to death by kitties!

    I’d love this but in a plastic, transportable palette.

  7. Laura Shirley says

    I really, REALLY, want this eyecolor set!!!! Is there any place I can buy this now or does anyone know where can I buy it online? I live in the US so that might pose a problem too.

  8. nosh says

    I totally lve it..i have loads of makeup..i received it as a birthday gift and is admired by all the metallics are great..i think with all eyeshadow you should know how to apply them..otherwise even if you have a more expensive brand you dont know what to do with it ..its of no use..highly recommended a++++