How was your Friday? There has been various problems lately. the boyfriend, the genius that he is has managed to break:

1. The main PC
2. My Nintendo DS – making me lose a good hour of gameplay
3. My Culinaire One Touch Tin opened. It’s “semi” working now, as in, it will “semi” open your tins.

Then there was Superdrug. I picked up some palettes for a friend today – I had dragged my work collegue along telling her expertly, “Everything’s broken in Superdrug, cos its shite, which is why I am picking out a random palette from the back because then it definately won’t be broken” as I picked out one third from the back (you never pick the first on the shelf, and not the last cos that’s sods law).

Got home and you know what? BROKE! Black and green pigment everywhere. WHY! Do Superdrug staff kick boxes in the staff room for fun? Anyway its ANOTHER to the shops later to get an exchange.

Then there was HQ Hair.
After the last debacle earlier this week, I gave them a call and *shock* they answered the phone. (They never did reply to my 4 emails though).

“Hello. Just checking the delivery date for Nars Blade Runner?”
“Oh that. One miniute” *scurries off* “Yeah it’s been delivered”
“It’s been delivered? Are you sure?”
*Scurries off again*
“Oh no, its been refunded. Yesterday.”
“Ok. No one’s been in touch to tell me it’s been refunded. And also, I never requested a refund.”

Faboulous! Nothing like a company that gives you a back order that’s not a back order and refunds you if they feel like it!

I also ordered some cute plastic earrings for Megan for her birthday. 2 were broke! Another thing to fix.

I have been wearing Chanel’s Gold Fiction polish, with Chanel Base and Top coat for 3 days now. Complete rubbish. It’s nearly chipped off my fingers and I haven’t even been doing anything too manual.

Anyway, all is not lost. I got a mini haul from the coolest shop in the world – Strapya!

Gems for my (broken) DS, gems for my mobile, and gems for my camera. I got this keyring cos it reminds me of big kitty –


At least the kitties make things better!

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