Friday the 13th Giveaway! 5 x Fade Out White Anti Shadow Brightening Eye Cream To Win!

Ok it’s Friday the 13th…anything strange happen to you yet?

Never fear! A giveaway will make things better and today I have 5 Fade Out White Anti Shadow Brightening Eye Creams to giveaway.

Fade Out white 1

This eye cream helps to:

  1. Reduces Dark Shadows
  2. Targets Fine Lines And Wrinkles
  3. Lightens Skin And Minimises Puffiness

Wanna win?

Just leave me a comment below, telling me….

Cat dancing

Name something you are looking forward to this year, something that is happening soon and something that is happening later?

Me: Tons and tons and tons of stuff. I have decided to throw caution to the wind this year and I am just going to go for things that normally I hesitate and umm and ahh over.  Name something?  I want to go to a city that I have always wanted to visit at the end of the year and I am just going to book it without over thinking, and I want to do something interesting with my hair very soon!

Fade Out’s facebook page is here. Winners picked in 2 weeks.

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  1. Tora says

    I need all the help I can get after 8 nights of disturbed sleep. Brother is blackmailing me!!!!

  2. Holly Green says

    Yes, just do it, book your dream city visit! Myself, I am going to live in Florida for a few months to do an internship that should hopefully really benefit my career. I’m looking forward to how different it will be, the challenge, and being out of my comfort zone. Here’s to throwing caution to the wind! :)

    • Holly Green says

      That’s sort of soon, sort of later. As for super soon – I’m looking forward to (well… sort of) getting back into swimming. I need to be healthy again!

  3. Kim L. says

    I am looking forward to traveling too! I am more of a homebody, but am going to push myself to do new adventures this year!

    kimberly.long at gmail dot com

  4. yukimeyc says

    Looking forward to boyfriend coming back from US! Will be buying hair tinsels for my birthday and I will be 21 soon!

  5. Alexandra says

    Well i dont know when its happening. But im excited for Victoria Secret to open in London.
    And im looking forward to giving my mum away in may.

  6. Inês says

    I’m finally concluding my studies! HURRAH! The thesis’ presentation will be on February, I’m looking forward (and also a bit scared) of all the changes that will come after that.

  7. natalie williams says

    I’m looking forward to my upcoming wedding in July, and my bouquet preview before that in February!!! cannot wait!

  8. says

    Something that’s happening this year – I am excited for my brother’s wedding in April. It’s the first wedding for any of my brother’s or sister’s so it should be a really lovely day.
    Something that is happening soon – I am excited to receive my Japonesque brushes. I entered a competition they were running on Twitter, & whilst I didn’t win, they are still sending out some brushes to everyone who entered too! I don’t know what brushes or getting, or how many, but I am so excited to get them 😀
    Something that is happening later in the year – I am excited about my bf and I spending our first Christmas together win MY family. Last Christmas was our first Christmas together & we spent it with his family as he has much younger brother’s and sister’s. So, this year we will be spending it with my massive brood and I cannot wait!
    Thanks for such a cool giveaway hun. It looks like just the kind of thing I need to banish the circles under my eyes!

    Steph xx

  9. kirsty says

    I’m excited about my trip to york at the end of the month! Don’t have amything far ahead to get excited about yet but the year is young 😉

  10. Emily Paterson says

    something happening soon… well, i’m looking forward to seeing my boyfriend this weekend after a month apart, and I can’t wait for later in the year when I’m going on holiday to tenerife!! Can’t wait for some sun! haha :)

    thanks for the giveaway!

    emily xx

  11. says

    I’m looking forward to getting married…..then after that I’m looking forward to paying it all off 😛 Haha. x

  12. harpreet says

    im looking forward to my bday nxt month, its gonna be a big one! later in the year im looking forward to going away to turkey with my bf in july

  13. says

    Something that’s happening this year – I don´t know very well what to do with my life, but I´m looking forward to be happy!! It´s the most important thing.
    Thank you!

  14. Shari says

    Something happening soon: we start work on a new kitchen and on landscaping outside. This means we’ll be able to fit more than one person in the kitchen, and I won’t have to worry about poison ivy in the backyard. Yay!

    Something happening later: a friend whom I’ve known for a long time is getting married this summer.

  15. says

    I’ve got myself a job after being a jobless, unemployed graduate for so long. It’s actually been worth the wait as it just happens to be my dream job. I start on Monday which means getting used to VERY EARLY mornings again so one of these lovely eye creams may help to disguise the lack of sleep I’ll probably be getting!


  16. Cheryl Alexander says

    Looking forward to this year – wedding to thee most gorgeous fiance
    Happening soon – Hot chocolate with marshmallows
    Happening later – snuggling with hubby to be 😉

  17. Amanda says

    My school semester starts soon. I’m looking forward to warmer weather and I will be getting my Associate’s degree in the summer.

  18. Harpal Kaur says

    Looking forward to going back to work at end of month following maternity leave and also my first holiday in five years in September

  19. Ashleigh says

    looking forward to this year – holiday
    something that is happening soon – my sons birthday
    and something that is happening later – daughter starts school!

  20. Chris Bull says

    I’m looking forward to my daughter moving back home in the next few weeks, can’t wait :-)

    Also looking forward to family holiday in June, can’t wait for that either :-)

  21. Georgina Ball says

    I’m going to see a drag queen and some male strippers on the 3rd, that should be good!

    • Georgina Ball says

      Just got the questions lol!!!

      Ok…Happening soon – going to see some male strippers
      Looking forward to – Going to see The Lion King in the West End
      Happening later – Going on holiday (hopefully)

  22. Kelly Koya says

    I’m really looking forward to going to the Superbowl in Indianapolis in a few weeks time! Don’t have anything planned for later in the year yet, but hopefully something nice will come up.

  23. Hazel Wright says

    Something happening soon is a short break in Chester so I get to explore! Something happening later, well hopefully a trip over to Mallorca at some point to visit my little sis and mum who live there! Not sure when I’ll get to do that though!

  24. Samantha Deakin says

    I’m looking forward to getting out of my overdraft this year and paying off my credit card! I’m getting a pay rise at theend of this month :) And later in the year, I’m looking forward to getting some savings

  25. Kerry Robinson says

    My yongest sons first Birthday which is Feb and going to Disneyland Paris. So I could really do with this with 2 small very excitable children.

  26. sam says

    Looking forward to getting my leg out of cast as i broke my ankle taking my daughter ice skating last week :(

    Something happening soon will be my sister getting better after having a hard time lately

    Happening in the future, getting married

  27. says

    Thanks for the giveaway.
    I am looking forward to my Friend’s wedding. I love a wedding! And my 30th Birthday in May – hubby and I are going away for a few days to a fabulous hotel in the Highlands.


  28. Ruth Tesdale says

    I am looking forward to seeing my daughter and grandson soon and in June going to the Arctic on a cruise


    I am looking forward to going on holiday in April for the first time with my boyfriend who has never flown before and later in the year I’m looking forward to my daughter getting her GCSE’s results and dressing up for her prom.

  30. FionaLynne Edwards says

    I’m looking forward to my fixed rate mortgage finishing next month – 5 years of paying well over the odds. I’m looking forward to my 10th wedding anniversary in September too.

  31. says

    Big changes afoot for me this year, with a potential move halfway across the world this summer. First things first though…I want to invest in some good quality skincare and make-up to replace the not so great stuff I’m currently using. One new product each month til I find my skin mojo (not exactly a chore, I know!)

  32. Jen Rogers says

    Looking forward to loosing weight.
    Sure it will all go back on soon!
    Later I will scold myself for not trying harder!

  33. Christine Northrop says

    I am looking forward to the birth of my great niece or nephew and seeing the photos as my nephew lives in Dominican Republic and his partner is from there.
    Late this ea\r I have my fingers crossed for my eldest granddaughter passing her driving test.

  34. Angela Sandhu says

    I am looking forward to my holiday in Orkney in March, maybe booking a trip to New York at the end of the year and hopefully losing a pound or two at my weigh in on Monday!

  35. Cheryl Cunniff says

    Looking forward to going for a night away in York with my new husband, not seen each other much recently as he’s just started a new job so it will be nice to spend some time together. And then we’re hoping that by the end of the year we’ll be hearing tiny footsteps. Fingers crossed! And if we are I’ll be more than likely needing the Fade Out cream!

  36. Suzanne Cooke says

    I am looking forward to the spring and daffodils soon and later this year we are going to take our little one to lapland we are very excited about that.