Friday Night Outing: Chinese Acrobatic Swan Lake

“I’m taking you out on Friday” says the boyf

“Cooooooolllllllll” says me. A restaurant, I think, with lots of food, the the Cinema to watch Christian Bale Batman The Dark Night?

“We’re going to see Swan Lake!”


Ballet?! Oh brother. The last time we saw a ballet together was at College during music class, when he used to send text messages behind his back and I picked my nose whilst scribbling a moustache on Purcell’s face.

But, the lady doth protest too much – a night out is a night out so off we went…

This was no ordinary Ballet, you understand. This is the Guandong Acrobatic Company, (that’s in China), and they are here to rehash Swan Lake turning it into a mixture of Ballet, Acrobatics, Gymnastics, Magic, Dance, Circus.

You would have died if you were a hardcore Swan Lake/Ballet purist. This show felt alive and enchanting, every scene was entertaining. The Swan, a lady called Wu Zhengdan has been born for this kind of stuff – extremely skinny but long limbed (I say that because I don’t know many Chinese women with legs like that or such a long torso) – she was breathtaking.

At one point she stands en pointe on her princes head and even does a turn. Yes, really.

She is an acrobat first, but her grace and movements would suggest she has been a ballerina for a lot longer. She was amazing. Graceful to watch. Why aren’t I a ballerina? Why? Mother, why?!

Infact all the ladies were amazing – I can imagine them in training –


T’was such fun, if you ever get a chance to see this lively interpretation of Swan Lake you must go to see it. I promise you, its much better than normal ballet.

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