Friday Giveaway! Win 1 of 10 Nip & Fab Frown Fix Instant Line Filler Pens!

Oi you! Stop frowning! There is much in life to be grateful for!

But if you just can’t help yourself perhaps you need a bit of help from this product, Nip & Fab’s latest release, the Frown Fix Instant Line Filler Pen!

I have 10 of these to giveaway:


Nip & Fab currently has a waiting list of over 7,450 people desperate to get their hands on this “soon to be a real hero” frown fixer before it launches in Boots.

The effects are instant (within a couple of minutes), but everyday use also results in a cumulative effect so lines become permanently more visible. Clinical tests on the active ingredient has shown a reduction in wrinkles of up to 50% over a 60 day period.

Please visit the Nip & Fab Facebook Page for more info and offers.

Ok, wanna win?


Answer the following question:

Name 2-3 things that make you frown !


1. The man on the tram home yesterday smelt of poo. Not just of mild poo but really strong, fresh poo. *frown*

2. I’m going away for the weekend and I can’t find my favourite pen. This is a disaster I assure you. *frown*

3. My frugal April beings today and I’ve already seen an eyeshadow with my name on it! *frown*

Winners picked in one week!

Vajazzle winners announced shortly!

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  1. Rachel Fenney says

    1. When i look at my bank balance at the cashpoint.

    2. When i look in the mirror and see that i’m not so young now after all x

    Boo hoo xxxx

  2. cassidy says

    1. When I’ve been too lazy to exercise
    2. The amount of time it takes me to exercise and then shower
    2. Not enough sleep

  3. Kelly Koya says

    When the kids decide to wake up at 6.25 on a Sunday morning –

    When someone decided to bank two cheques last week, that I wrote LAST AUGUST! –
    Mega – frown!

  4. says

    1) Standing on the weighing scales :(
    2) People that stand in the middle of the doorway of shops
    3) people moaning that they are only having 1 holiday this year when we cant even afford 1 grrrrrrrr

  5. charli says

    1) Looking in the mirror and seeing yet ANOTHER line is appearing *frown* (then i think NOOO stop frowning you’ll make it even worse!!)

    2) Fab expensive shoes that are 50% off BUT NOT IN MY SIZE! *frown*

    3) My little girl saying she’s too old for doll’s and toy’s *frown*

  6. Marta P says

    1. Women who dress for Summer in the middle of Winter
    2. People who park in Parent/Child Parking spaces when half the carpark is available
    3. Supermarket Checkout Assistants who can’t be bothered to provide and open carrier bags when you are packing your shopping

  7. katrina says

    1. At work when I put the phone down & it instantly rings again (frown)

    2. Yummy chocolate bars that show the mega calories in them on the wrapper (frown)

    3. The sole coming away on my favourite pair of boots (frown frown frown)

  8. Lorna Garratt says

    1) my payslip and the end of the month.
    2) people who swear in public
    3) when you’ve been on a diet all week and you jump on the scales and it shows you’ve gained weight :S

  9. Deborah Wheeler says

    1.Loosing my glasses somewhere in the house
    2. Being in pain after a Zumba classs
    3. Where is the TV remote?

  10. Teresa Lee says

    1. Next door neighbours cat that likes to poop in my garden.
    2. When I leave feedback for someone on ebay and they don’t do the same.
    3. Theres a magpie that likes to sit on my bedroom window at about 6:30 every morning and gets some kind of kick out of tapping its beak against the glass. I then have to get out of bed & open the curtains, wave my hands about and shoo it away. It was cute the first few mornings it happened but now I just wanna kill it.

  11. Stacey S says

    1) looking at whats left of my wage after bills and the kids have had their share

    2) looking in my makeup bag yesterday to find something had leaked and everything ruined (double frown)

    3) seeing hubby poorly at the mo and not being able to help him :(

  12. Victoria Savill says

    1. Any magazine with Kerry Katona in.

    2. Having to clean a chair at work that a grown man had wee’d on (I work in a library)

    3. Being 40

  13. Emma Andersson says

    1 – Finding no teabags left, someones just left an empty box to taunt me.

    2 – Unknown/withheld numbers on my answerphone.

    3 – Leaving the house dressed for a thunderstorm, only for it to turn super hot, and me all sweaty with no sunglasses…..Froooown (and a bit of squinting).

  14. Nicole S. says

    1. When I look in the mirror and see lines on my face it makes me frown even more. :(
    2. When I think of all the housework I have to do it also makes me frown. :(

  15. Betty Parlanchin says

    1. Bags under my eyes
    2. Lines on my forhead
    3. The thought I’ll end up with a turkey neck.

  16. bethy says

    1. the gas bill 2. husband’s fashion sense 3. my cooking versus the picture in the recipe book

  17. Luisa Lauren says

    1. My husband using the floor as a wardrobe!
    2. Only one till open in the supemarket this morning (grrrr!!)
    3. People wthout manners.

  18. Laura Robinson says

    Moths *Massive frown…followed by stupid girly scream*

    running out of wine *frown*

    Rude people! *angry frown!*

  19. emma collinson says

    1. Queues – of any kind
    2. Having money in my purse and not being able to find any clothes on a guilt free shopping trip
    3. Not having anything ‘sweet’ in the house, when you JUST NEED a sugar fix

    Frowns galore

  20. Heather Shaw says

    1. My siblings laziness
    2. My cats fighting
    3. Finding my chocolate has been eaten!

  21. Paul Witney says

    1. Never getting a lie in
    2. Always having to do the washing up
    3. Being ill

  22. Jo Boyd says

    Opening the curtains to a grey / rainy morning
    My dog licking where he shouldn’t
    Long division

  23. Daniella Abraham says

    When it’s raining outside and I wan’t to wear peeptoe shoes

    When My boyfriend snores and it keeps me awake at night

    When I wan’t a lie in but have to get up to do the school run

  24. Katy Roberts says

    When I’ve tidied the house and within minutes of the kids/hubby arriving it’s back in the state it was!

    When I discover the girls are playing ‘beauticians’ and ‘hairdressers’ with my make-up and hair products!

    Running out of wine!

  25. Dee says

    Never having enough money!
    The cat being sick on the carpet.
    Lending my boyfriend my car then having to clear the floor of crisp packets, chip papers, receipts, pie wrappers …you get the picture!

  26. Amanda says

    1. No jobs in my sector (it’s been two years now!) 2. Bank balance 3. Supermarket not having every item on my shopping list

  27. Rebecca Denyer says

    1. People who dont supervise their children when they are out and just leave them todo what they want. I have had many meals out ruined by badly managed children, its even worse when my youngest wants to know why he cant run around screaming while people eat when lots of other children are
    2. Poor personal hygeine – totally unnecessary
    3. Bad manners and time keeping
    God I sound like Victor Meldrew lol

  28. Olivia says

    At the moment:
    !. The change in weather giving me a really bad cold!
    2. New shoes that I love hurting my feet, so I can’t wear them much!
    3. Being so indecisive, all the time, in what to wear!

    Thanks for the comp! xx

  29. Susan Robinson says

    1. People that have trouble with the truth
    2. Hangovers
    3. The big pile of washing my teenage daughter brings down from her room once a month

  30. kathryn says

    ohhhhhhhh the decisions, hmmmm …….

    1) ok my first one has to be shoes with heels that break arghhhhhhh (maybe more screaming than frowning)

    2) Bad hair days, you know the times when you really consider going bald!! (or just breaking the hair brush)

    3) Broken nails, yep it happened today :( (compleate trauma!!)

    i’ve just realized I’ve been frowning whilst doing this!!!!

    great comp idea, reading the other comments made me smile …… at least im not alone in my frowning!!!!

  31. Emily Hallett says

    The things that make me frown are:

    1. People who don’t say thank you when you pull-in so they can pass in the car
    2. The price of petrol
    3. When I have no money :-(

  32. Vicky C says

    Thanks for the comp. Its difficult to choose just three but these are today’s moans (!)
    1) Cyclists who cycle on the pavement and almost run me over
    2) Flip flop blisters
    3) Used tea bags left on the bench by my flatmate

  33. Christine Johnson says

    looking in the mirror everyday, l always frown at what l see
    people who pick there nose( its disgusting)
    Socks aways ending up with just half a pair, where the other half goes l don’t know