Friday Giveaway! Win 1 of 10 Nip & Fab Frown Fix Instant Line Filler Pens!

Oi you! Stop frowning! There is much in life to be grateful for!

But if you just can’t help yourself perhaps you need a bit of help from this product, Nip & Fab’s latest release, the Frown Fix Instant Line Filler Pen!

I have 10 of these to giveaway:


Nip & Fab currently has a waiting list of over 7,450 people desperate to get their hands on this “soon to be a real hero” frown fixer before it launches in Boots.

The effects are instant (within a couple of minutes), but everyday use also results in a cumulative effect so lines become permanently more visible. Clinical tests on the active ingredient has shown a reduction in wrinkles of up to 50% over a 60 day period.

Please visit the Nip & Fab Facebook Page for more info and offers.

Ok, wanna win?


Answer the following question:

Name 2-3 things that make you frown !


1. The man on the tram home yesterday smelt of poo. Not just of mild poo but really strong, fresh poo. *frown*

2. I’m going away for the weekend and I can’t find my favourite pen. This is a disaster I assure you. *frown*

3. My frugal April beings today and I’ve already seen an eyeshadow with my name on it! *frown*

Winners picked in one week!

Vajazzle winners announced shortly!

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  1. says

    This is exactly what I need!

    I’m having to cut my list down from about 300 so here we go:

    1)People that ask stupid questions instead of thinking makes me frown.
    2)Mathematical equations make me frown.
    3)Reading small print makes me frown.

  2. Yasmin Butt says

    So have my fingers crossed on this one. I’ve had expression lines on my forehead since I was a teen. So wrong.

    Right, to business. Things that make me frown:

    1. The Daily Mail stoking up paranoia and hatred on a daily basis and going on about how some poor woman or man has aged in the last 20 odd years. When they picked on Cher and Sinead O’Connor a while back committing the heinous crime of gasp….aging I just couldn’t believe they made it into a news story. Their beauty/female features can be excellent, but overall they still suck and I still hate them.

    2. Parents who watch their little kids run riot in shops, the streets, at animals and do…..nothing.

    3. Text speak in proper emails and messages when you’ve got all the word count you can shake a stick at! The English language is beautiful, show it some respect. Use text speak in texts and Twitter. End off.

    Glad I got that off my chest, phew. x x

  3. says

    3 thinks that make my frown….

    1. people who knock on your door when your just about to get in the shower to sell your somthing grrrrr

    2. Someone who does an amazing blog post on something you were just about to review :(

    3. Rain when you have an amazing day outdoors planned!!

  4. Katie says

    I have a two year old and a puppy that isnt toilet trained – that’s more than enough frowning right there! :) x

  5. says

    why do i frown?

    1. because my makeup addiction has made me broke this month! yikes!

    2. it keeps randomly snowing when it’s supposed to be springtime already!

    3. i can’t quite fit into my favorite pair of jeans as well as i’d like. damn you, winter fat!

  6. Pamela says

    1) When people are selfish and inconsiderate of others feelings/needs.
    2) People who say ‘i’ll take that on board’……no, don’t take it on board, just bloody do it!
    3) When i realise i have no chocolate in the house.

  7. Inês says

    1. I’m pretty broke right now, and my shopping / wish list is getting huge;
    2. Some of my colleagues are irresponsible to the point I wish they weren’t really part of my work group, so I could work at peace;
    3. My ex keeps popping up out of nowhere and he’s the last thing I want to see, even though I broke up with him almost three years ago. Thinking about him is making me frown right now actually.

  8. Halifax says

    1. April Fool jokes. I don’t like to be fooled
    2. Window shopping. Nice to see but can’t get

  9. Giselle says

    I hope this is for the States too!

    1. Having a swollen face from surgery over a month ago!!
    2. not being able to eat solid food because of said surgery :(:(

  10. Emily Ho says

    1) when I see someone cry
    2) the smell of vomit lingering
    3) when the last m&s biscuits are eaten

  11. Rebecca says

    What makes me frown:
    1. When I see that I’ve broken a nail D:
    2. When I miss my bus.
    3. When I see the grades of my English essays. (I hate English so baddd)

  12. Jen says

    It doesn’t take much for me to frown, unfortunately I’m a natural frowner, I can be walking along in my own world deep in thought and be frowning! It’s either that, or I’m making weird faces :%
    1. Crazy drivers that have absolutely no respect for the safety of all other roadusers *frown*
    2. Customers whose sole purpose is to annoy the hell out of you by asking the most stupid questions *double frown*
    3. Filling out a tax return *super-frown*

  13. Rhonda says

    1) Not winning competitions
    2) My pet when he pees on me (he is only a baby though lol)
    3) When there isn’t enough John Cusack and Daniel Craig films on TV

  14. liz denial says

    the news & the government never fail to make me frown but then one of my cats does something cute & turns my frown upside down

  15. says

    1)When my friends are really upset.It hurts me, I love them all too much to see them not smiley.
    2) Animal abuse – I don’t understand anyone that could hurt animals.
    3) Rudeness

  16. Tracy Nixon says

    When I’m on the bus or metro when the schools finish and the kids are acting up!!!!

    When I see someone drop litter on the street!!!!

    When I get up thinking I’ll wear my new Spring outfit – then I open the curtains and see wind and rain (like today!!!)

  17. Jemma Broadstock says

    1) At college the other day this group of kids were bullying this boy with special needs, he didn’t even realise it! *BIG frown*

    2) I have over 10 exams to revise for *frown* :(

    3) My family are going on holiday without me this year because they’re going when I have exams! *frown*

  18. Vicky says

    Frown #1 always come with “what the h#$! are you talking about?”
    frown #2: opening the fridge and realizing i’m out of milk.
    Frown #3 my cats uses her paw to push various items off of my night stand at 5:30.

  19. Smiley :) says

    1) When I get to the supermarket and realise I’ve left my HUGE shopping list at home.
    2) When I hold the door open politely, and end up standing there for 20mins while people continue to walk through ignoring my existence.
    3) When I rush home to watch a TV programme, only to find it’s been replaced by football!

    Apart from that, life’s great! lol :)

  20. Nicola B says

    I love reading these! I agree wholeheartedly with Yasmin Butt, especially about the Daily Mail – such a viscious, hate-mongering excuse for a paper. Yep, I´m frowning now. Anyhoo, here are my frown-makers:

    1. When my boyfriend refuses to see things in any shade other than black and white. Life is full of subtleties, nuance, ambiguity etc. Not according to boyfriend, it ain´t. Frustrated frown

    2. When I read or hear about people treating children or animals badly. What is wrong with some people?? Angry frown.

    3. When I do something absent-minded like burning my dinner, or smashing something by accident ( this happens a lot), or ruining my mascara/nailvarnish/coca cola by not putting the lid back on tightly enough. Annoyed with my own dosiness frown.

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  21. harpreet says

    1) when i cant find my fav lippie
    2) when my bf upsets me
    3) when there are no sweets or chocs left at home

  22. says

    :( tellers/cashiers doing a slow work, making mistakes and delaying me and other customers behind
    :( staffs that are rude and treat coupons users as 2nd class customers
    :( patrons next to me talking loudly with foul language in the presence of kids

  23. Ashleigh says

    1) when my kids are throwing tantrums/misbehaving
    2) when i have just done the housework and the kids or husband mess things up!
    3) when i go to get cereal and there is no milk left!

  24. Diane says

    I frown when i’m concentrating

    I frown when I find wet towels on the bathroom floor

    I frown when my son tells me he’s lost yet another house key

  25. harline parkin says

    when it rains and ive just put the washing out!
    when my husband snores alnight long!
    having to run for a bus then miss it because the driver wont stop!
    carrying home my shopping and then realise theres an hole in the carrier bag1

  26. katherine grieve says

    when im concentrating!!!

    when im thinking!!!

    when im trying to read things far away!!!

  27. Natelle Arnold says

    1. Seeing a man yesterday on the bus with a massive hole in his trousers and no undies on – big frown
    2. Having to watch where you tread in the park for fear of dog poo on your new flip flops
    3. Liking talking on the phone loads and then getting a phone bill bigger than Jordans cosmetic surgery fees.

  28. tracy says

    My hubby makes me frown……mainly when he says the ‘smell of perfume’ on his shirts is a new aftershave!!!! Grrr….

  29. Astrid James says

    Looking at my wrinkles *frown*

    Ineffective beauty products that promise the world, cost a fortune and the result? nothing! *frown*

    The cost and risks associated with botox/fillers – I really want some I’m just not brave enough! *frown*

  30. tracy says

    sorry having to do my 2nd choice seperately lol –

    Anyway – People who walk in front of me smoking (or holding a ciggy and not smoking it), who won’t let me get passed so i smoke more of the ciggy than they do.

    Peolple hogging the aisle in supermarkets, whole groups of them having a ‘meet up’ whilst you struggle past with a full trolley.

  31. Jo Jones says

    1. Seeing a new wrinkle in the mirror makes me frown.
    2. Finding a white hair.
    3. Listening to all the gloom (classed as news) on the television.

  32. sandra henderson says

    1.My workmate thinking she`s boss and trying to rule the workplace makes me frown. kids constantly make me frown.
    3.seeing the my frown line between my eyebrows is getting bigger day by day doesnt even make me stop frowning :-(

  33. Sharon Fordham says

    1. My husband
    2. The people who come into the petrol station where I work stinking of BO – no need for it! They make me gag too (that can’t be too good for facial lines either!).
    3. People who let the door go in your face.

  34. says

    1. Catching my cat biting the corner of my Macbook..
    2. Taking amazing photographs only to realise I’ve put my camera on the wrong setting & the images are too small for editing.
    3. Having to wake up at 6am when I’ve gone to sleep at 5.30am D:

  35. says

    Bah.. A million things make me frown but I’ll just list the 3 recent ones.
    1. People who set a time to meet up and don’t show up or change the time last minute
    2. Woman next to / in front / behind me with super heavy perfume.
    3. Expensive, not fresh and not tasty sashimi =( Yuck..

  36. Helen S says

    What makes me frown … here goes:

    1. If it begins to rain just as I’ve hung out three loads of washing
    2. Lady swimmers at my local pool who must have put on a whole bottle of perfume before they got in, making me gasp for air as I swim past them
    3. Parents who shout and swear at their children and expect them to behave
    4. Getting doggy doo doo stuck in the tread of my shoes (and not realising it’s there)

  37. tracy wheeler says

    people with no manners make me frown
    hanging out the washing and then it starts to rain
    not winning also makes me frown :-)

  38. Fiona Hawthorn says

    1. My cat being sick on my new carpet.
    2. Trying on my summer clothes from last year to realise my waistline has expanded considerably.

  39. Charlotte Mountford says

    1.) when I clean my car and 2 hours later I go to drive it and find a bird has left poo all over it *frown*

    2.) arranging an outdoorsy day, only to wake up to torrential rain *frown*

    3.) When there’s an amazingly gorgeous pair of shoes in the sale and they’re the tiniest bit too big for me *frown*

  40. Emily says

    1) When somebody closes the elevator door right when I’m about to step in
    2) When I pour out a bowl of cereal just to realize that theres no milk left :(

  41. Vanessa Cox says

    1. the sun if I don’t wear my sunglasses
    2. my daughter & her funny/interesting questions
    3. annoying people

  42. Anne says

    1. When I feel a twinge as I bend over
    2. When the milkman hasn’t been yet
    3. When I go shopping and nothing fits

  43. Isabelle Smith says

    1. when people talk about me behind my back
    2. when i cant find anything to wear when i go shopping
    3. when people in town walk slow infront of you

  44. FionaLynne Edwards says

    1) My husband’s work ethic – he “works” from home (need I say more!)
    2) My daughter when she takes her pants off with her trousers and leaves them like that
    3) My computer – when it crashes for no apparent reason when I’m in the middle of doing something – and then won’t turn on again for half an hour

  45. Nicky Smith says

    1) Leaving the house (late) only to be told by my 3 year old son that he needs a poo.

    2) Going to the loo only to find that my 4 year old son has already been there and not lifted the seat.

    3) Attempting to clean the mess only to discover that my husband has not bothered to replace the loo roll.

    …think there’s a theme here.

  46. Sue Hunt says

    1. Sudoku Puzzles, but I love them.

    2. A busy shop having only a couple of tills/windows open.

    3. Filling the car with petrol, I hate the job and the high price makes it even worse.

  47. gemma henshaw says

    working too hard and having to get up at half five in the morning to get to work
    sunday afternoon drivers!!!!! and not only on sundays!